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  1. I just placed a big order today. I used a $25 for $100 Groupon and also the $50 off a $100 purchase (I received this offer in my email). When you go to use your Groupon, the only way you can enter a code in is to use the vistaprint.com/groupon-wedding (or groupon-weddings maybe). So, what I did was fill my cart, close that browser window, open the link from Groupon and enter the code, log on to my account, then close that browser window and click on the link I had in my email. Once I clicked on that link and logged on, the Groupon $100 came off AND I got the $50 off because my order was over $100. So, I got $150 worth of items for about $41 (shipping was around $15 and the Groupon price was $25). That sounds incredibly complicated... but it really didn't take very long to figure out. I know that's not the same issue you were having, but hopefully this helps someone else out.
  2. Did you have a bad experience with the t-shirts? I ordered about 30 for our guests, using one of the free offers. I had only a few designs to choose from but one worked and I was able to personalize them all. They seem to be pretty good quality, but I'd be interested in hearing what you didn't like about them.
  3. I love how you resisted temptation and are providing only useful items. I am hoping to do the same but I think I've already failed!
  4. OMG. Those bags are the cutest! I am kicking myself - we already got the free ones from VP, but those are just adorable. And for $1!!!
  5. OMG. Those bags are the cutest! I am kicking myself - we already got the free ones from VP, but those are just adorable. And for $1!!!
  6. Is it still true you can't change your username?
  7. This is happening to me too. I was posting without trouble and now the last three or four posts of mine haven't been posted for several hours (if not overnight, I think?). I'd like an answer too.
  8. Here are the small magnets I got for free. We're sending them out next week for our "four month" mark. Hope this helps give you a good idea of what they're like. I think they're nice (especially for free)!
  9. The The business card magnets are OK. They are small but good quality I'd say. If you can do the bigger magnets for free I'd do those instead, but if not the small ones would work.
  10. Good for you! I don't know that I can say the same. HA! Did you decide to go with aloe or sunscreen? I agree with you that hopefully that's something people are either bringing with or budgeting to buy when they get to the destination (in our case, Key West). I think I need to emphasize again and again how much sunscreen they need to wear. My Midwest family and friends will NOT be used to the sun down there! (So that's where Aloe may come in handy... but like other posters have said, I don't know a cheap place to get some. I did see some at the Dollar Tree but I'm not sure if that's a good deal.)
  11. I would love to hear this too Shay! My total is significantly higher for only 30 bags... but I am also doing t-shirts, which I think is driving up my cost a lot.
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