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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Savs1027 this happened to us too! But we only used the card to pay for the wedding - that's it! We opened the card strictly to pay for the wedding (it was a southwest card that we got free miles on and no foreign transaction fee). The only place we EVER used the card was at Dreams so we know it was someone there that stole our #. Luckily the credit card company recognized it and we weren't out any money at all, but it was still a pain. Thanks for putting this out there so everyone could know about it! Crazy stuff...on top of that the wedding dept charged my cc twice when I initially had them do my wedding deposit on that same card back in 2012.
  2. Hello Everyone, I had my wedding here back in May and it was great but I wanted to let everyone know that I have recently been hit with credit card fraud. I used my credit card to pay the wedding partially as well as sign up for the unlimited vacation club, using the same card. The charges were over $4300 plus the foreign transaction fees my CC charges. This is unfortunate as i brought my CC because i didn't want to bring that much cash with me to Mexico. I'm almost certain it had to do with the unlimited vacation club as they had contract/paperwork with the information vs the wedding charges which they swipped the card in front of me. I have closed the card but wanted to give everyone a heads up. I also saw on the UVC facebook page another person had credit card fraud at another AMResort, I believe it was a Dreams resort.
  3. Beautiful. It took them a while to send me the proofs as they were having internet issues due to a storm. I sent in my selections last week, I'm still waiting for my slideshow from May 18th.
  4. Dress code for woman is pretty much non-existent, they let you in with whatever. On the other hand make sure the men bring collared shirts, we had multiple times we were denied entry due to no collared shirt, the french and italian restaurant in particular. Shoes didn't cause us any issues, for example the french restaurant they let my husband in with collared shirt and flip flops, but on a separate day they wouldn't let us in with my family member who wasn't wearing a collared shirt and dress shoes. We did brush our teeth with the water, but we drank from bottles. We asked at a restaurant about the water in the pitchers and they indicated those are bottled as well they just pour in pitchers for appearances. For my wedding day it was very windy, we were getting sand in our eyes. I had my hair up and it still didn't last the full night.
  5. They do charge for day passes in addition to the wedding costs. If your quests are coming just for the wedding it's $55 for them to use the resort. I was told they can arrive 1 hour before the ceremony but some of my guests arrived 2 hours before and it wasn't a problem. I was also quoted about $85 if your quests want to come for a full day (at 10 am).
  6. From what I saw the pool terrace is not private, the Seaside Grill is right there and people will pass by to go to the restaurant. I saw a few receptions on the beach and were private and looked lovely. I would recommend the beach but of course no shoes.
  7. Hello Everyone, I finally did my review: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-rivera-cancun-resorts-and-spa/reviews/7383 Let me know if anyone has any questions. I'll post our slideshow once we receive it.
  8. Hello ladies, I'm still in DRC had my wedding last Saturday leaving on Sunday...although the lack of email communication be patient as these ppl are pros....this place is a wedding factory and at least 2 weddings a day since I've been here. There were three weddings on my day but I didn't even notice. I'll post a full review next week when I return. I was 100% satisfied with the wedding. There were some hiccups with the hotel itself though. If I had to do it all over again I would def do my wedding here and then go to a Secrets for my honeymoon.
  9. I haven't been on here in a while but my wedding is next Saturday! So Excited we leave next Thursday. Gina has been my wedding planner and although she takes some time to get back to me everything has been good. I'm not too worried as she said we can figure out all the details when I arrive. There is another bride that has the wedding on the same day Eyeball 17...I'll see you there. BTW I changed my ceremony time to 4pm vs. 5pm so no one will be rushing, and I'll be at the salon at 10AM. None of my bridesmaids will be getting their hair or makeup done at the Spa so it'll just be me. My mother will be there at 12pm to get her hair and make up done. Anyway I'm pretty laid back and this process has been great vs trying to do an at home wedding. This forum has helped me with a lot of decisions of my wedding and I want to thank all the past brides who have posted their experience. I will post a review when I return, I will be there for 10 days so I may see a few more brides.
  10. I totally agree with you. I had this conversation with Anel about getting all the pictures on a CD for a flat fee. She told me it's $15 additional per digital photo not in the package. If i get all the pictures they can possibly work out a deal. She said it is cheaper for them to print it, which is hard to believe. Basically in my opinion we are paying for the copyright to print the pictures on our own, that's what the charge is for. I took pictures of my newborn over a year ago and they told me this, so I figured all photographers use the same reasoning.
  11. Thanks everyone for the feedback on the photography...it has helped me make a decision.
  12. Photo question for the ladies who have already been married: I decided on package number 4 because it seemed to have the most coverage, but looks to me that regardless of the photos they take it's for 6 hours total (including ceremony, reception, trash the dress, etc.) I'm contemplating whether I should take photos before the ceremony, has anyone done this? Or if you haven't done this were you able to take enough pictures after the ceremony and still enjoy your cocktail hour? I really want to be there for the cocktail hour portion with my guests. Also I do want to do the trash the dress so if I decide to have the photography come before the ceremony to take photos it cuts into my package time, I would probably need to opt for the trash the dress package in addition to package 4. Any feedback is appreciated.
  13. I think I saw somebody post this in the past but not sure which page. I'm trying to find out what alcohol they have. I want to see if we will have a signature drink but want to see what they have so they don't charge extra. Does anyone who has been there know if they have Hypnotiq and Silver Patron?
  14. Hi Savs, The lily in your hair was that a real flower? I have been looking for a fake one but can't seem to find one that looks decent. Thanks
  15. I'm happy to announce everything has been going very smoothly so far with my planning. Granted I'm not being too picky and I want to focus on having a great time vs. the little details. I just went dress shopping for the bridesmaids this weekend and it was great. One and done! The first dresses they tried on. On top of that they were guest dresses in the right color, they were able to take them home that day!
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