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  1. Welcome "LoveInParadise" !!! So glad to hear that you loved the resort so much you picked it for your big day, I have never been so it's refreshing to hear that you really really like it. I heard the same thing about weekday weddings there, they also have only 3 weddings a day so make sure to book early (which it sounds like you're doing) so you can get the time slot you like the best ( I booked my wedding a year in advance and originally wanted the date to be the Friday the 9th, when I checked, the only time slot they had for the 9th was 11am because the other two slots were taken, so Thursday the 8th is what I went for instead so I could have my wedding at 4pm). I'm sure your guests won't mind the weekday wedding date, maybe shoot for a Friday or Monday then they won't have to take that much time off. As for the packages, I don't think they change very much from year to year, probably the price by a couple hundred dollars if anything. You shouldn't have a problem reserving your wedding date even if the package isn't officially ready and priced. You don't actually pay for your wedding package until you get there so you'll have plenty of time to pick which one you want. They just need a $300 deposit to reserve your time and date. Here's a couple things to keep in mind though.... the package price is for only 8 people, each additional guest will cost an additional $20 (kids under 12 free) I heard through this thread that some brides were able to drive this price down a little by choosing to not have a champagne toast or bows on their chairs. if you want a private dinner reception or you plan on having more than 40 guests join you for dinner, it's going to be an additional $50-$65 per guest depending on what menu you choose. If you have less than 40 guests they can reserve a spot for you and your guests at an a la carte restaurant there at the resort for no additional fee. You might already know that, but it kinda surprised me how fast everything can add up. Happy planning and CONGRATS!!!!
  2. WOW am I embarrassed and extremely sorry for posting what I just posted. I'm such a dork! I did not realize the prices they were quoting me were in pesos!!!!! Cherry blossom is not only extremely professional organized and quick with their responses, they are also VERY AFFORDABLE!!!!! wow is my face red! I emailed them a link to my pinterest "wedding ideas" page and they sent me back quotes for what they would charge for the kind of arrangements I had on that page. I highly recommend this company.
  3. I just got a price quote from Cherry Blossom. This company seems to conduct business very professionally and their response time is great, but their prices seem to be marked up too high. For example, for a boutonniere made out of a small starfish and literally one strand of grass folded with it, they wanted to charge $55 a piece!!!! I found a website where you can order very similar if not the exact same starfish online $8.00 for a case of 30. I have no problem making my own for that price. If anyone finds a florist with reasonable prices, please let me know.Thanks.
  4. Hey shannon, If you get this info can you send it to me too? samanthamontoya@yahoo.com Thanks!
  5. Matt, Thanks so much for the advice and input! Appreciate it! And yes we're doing a legal ceremony.
  6. Thanks Darya! sometimes this website is more efficient for getting answers than the ladies at the resort! Greatly appreciate it
  7. Hi Ladies! I've been browsing the internet for decor ideas and came across two cool websites I thought I'd pass along in case anyone might be interested. http://www.koyalwholesale.com : they have everything you can think of for wedding decor! http://www.recycledbride.com : this website is such a great idea. you can buy and sell gently used wedding items. I like it especially for the wedding/reception decor. I found great votive candle holders as well as overlays and runners for the reception tables. Happy planning Ladies!
  8. I have a question if anyone could answer it for me. I was reading through the pdf of info that the resort sent me and it says that "your 4 witnesses have to be there 3 days prior to the wedding date." does this mean 4 bridesmaids/groomsmen? or does it mean any witness for the blood test? (like a parents or other people who will get there early) I don't get it. Mikeycelle: HOW EXCITING!!!!!! that's great that you guys are doing that! I'm totally jelly that I didn't think of doing something like that prior to the wedding. have a blast and can't wait to hear your thoughts!
  9. Hey matt, so 1.5 hours before sunset! Yikes! I looked up sunset times in november for that area and it said it was approximately at 4:50 and my wedding is planned for 4:00pm. You think that's going to be too rushed? now I'm worried!
  10. Hey Shannon! I was thinking of maracas too!!! hahah so that does seem to be a popular choice but it's totally cute so I could see why. My other favor choice was a mexico type souvenir picture frame, that way I can put peoples names in them for seating and my guests can take them home and put their favorite picture to remember the trip in them. I' not sure which one I'm going to do yet. It's too expensive and too chancy for me to have someone else do my hair and makeup there at the resort. I'm sure they do a lovely job but I'm really picky about my hair and makeup. In the past when I've been made to get my hair done or makeup done for other weddings I've been in, I always look back at the pictures and think, that doesn't look at all how I'd ever where my makeup or hair and i don't want to feel that way when I look back at my wedding pictures. I'm going to work with a stylist here to perfect a hairstyle look I can do on my own as well as my makeup. I will for sure be getting a massage and my nails done there though! As for decor Ideas I was planning on having a lot of candles. I was quoted $50 per flower arrangement for the reception and that's just not in my budget. another bride had the idea of asking for extra vases and then putting her bridesmaids bouquets in them for the reception, I thought that was a great idea and may do that. I was also thinking of getting some life like flowers and submerging them in water in clear cylinder vases with floating candles on top. that way my guests can't touch them and it won't be obvious that i used fake flowers. I'm also bringing my own fabric for the tables to use as a runner or overlay for a pop of color, as well as scattering seashells on the table. I also thought about the lantern idea, i think that's really cute! Hope all your planning is going well, sounds like it is, i feel so behind
  11. Yikes! those prices are crazy! but then again I'm not surprised since it's through the resort. the DJ you found seems very reasonable, I'll have to check them out.
  12. Darya, Yeah I've been paying close attention to the flowers that I see of other bride's weddings at GP so I know what they are capable of doing. I'm not really diggin any of the arrangements that they have for the "judges table/sweet heart table" I mean the flowers are pretty, but I'm not pumped on the way they are arranged, so I hope they are willing to step out of the box on that one. I think I will end up sending pictures to them ahead of time but taking a look at their flower catalog before sending them is probably a good idea. Have you asked for the catalog yet? As for the cake, I wonder if they include flowers to decorate that with too or if that will also be another extra cost. All of the cakes I've seen there look pretty basic, white frosting, not much to them so that makes me feel like they wouldn't be willing to try to match a picture of a cake, but I'm not sure. Shannon, I feel ya on the pretty pricey comment. I'm feeling that way too. if you go with the $20 a person for the ceremony and you have a guest count larger than 40 and you want to have dinner than you have to have a private dinner which is going to run anywhere from $50-$65 a person (by the way I hope this expensive meal is epic, especially seeing as how on any other night my guests can eat for free cause it's an all inclusive resort). So You're looking at up to $85 a person plus the package price!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHH Makes me want to not invite everyone cause they actually might come! LOL Also has anyone looked into live entertainment? I was thinking a salsa type group would be awesome and very fitting for a dance party in mexico, probably way expensive though. And what about a mariachi group, has anyone looked into that?
  13. Hi Darya! I'll be getting married shortly after you so I'm going to want to keep in touch and pick your brain for weather purposes and other questions since it'll be fresh in your mind right before I get married. Yeah Vanessa is fairly new there and I've always gotten answers back from her within the same time frame. I told Vanessa I was a visual person and to send me as many pics as possible of previous weddings there that they've done and she did, so I would just ask her for some beach ceremony pictures showing various setups and decor. I've also done extensive google searching and typed in "grand palladium riviera maya wedding photos" and have found lots of helpful photos that way too.
  14. Keep the slide show teasers coming! those slide shows were both so fun and beautiful. It's really getting me excited for my wedding (Nov-8-12) I still have a long ways to go. Congrats ladies, absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to hear about more experiences and see more pictures!
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