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  1. Jena you look great - love the video & the music!
  2. Hi Manda, I would be interested in the bags - and possibly other items. what in the survival kit. I'm in Ottawa could pick up the items.
  3. A special request for all of our married friends: I was wondering if you could post some pictures of your dinner and reception I would love to get a feel for what it will look like. Also I am curious if any of you brought additional decorations for the “big day†or if you kept it simple. Thank you ladies
  4. Hi Campbelk81, that's so exciting!!! We are having the dinner at the Portofino since we are under 40 people we can have the semi-private dinner and don't have to pay extra for that! We are having the reception at the Laguna afterwards we decided to go with a DJ after all!!! that way we won't have to worry about changing the songs everytime someone has a special request. I got the quote which is around 1000 but after reading quite a few reviews it sounds like they will do a good job at getting the group dancing and having fun! I don't have any pictures of the beach set-up be if I was you I would check out the Palladium Addict website I'm pretty sure I saw some on there! We are doing our ceremony at the Beach Gazebo I measure 5 feet so I want to have 4" heels at the wedding and I can't do that in the sand! Also, my wedding coordinator told me it's a little bit more private there. The picture of the Gazebo are very pretty! If you have any other questions let me know.
  5. That's alot to think about I'm sure everything will go well. You just need to make it on that plane! The DJ option seems really expensive and probable not necessary! Are you doing the semi-private dinner? We reserved the Portofino it looks like alot of brides on this forum are doing the same thing! I am so excited for you! Your big day is almost here. We are already paying 10$/pp for the La Laguna 7-11pm so I don't know if I want to pay any additional fees, I'll look at the budget for the 100 time. What are you doing for the wedding favors... we decided to make little bags with trip essentials: toothpaste, scoop, hand sanitizers... and we are also giving our guest a flip flop luggage tag I thought it was a nice touch. Did you take the Crystal or Diamond package? and which location did you pick for the ceremony. It's a great idea to have a welcome brunch... get the group together I like that I may tried to reserve a restaurant to do the same. Can't wait to see the pictures of your wedding... do you have any pictures for the Colonial Lobby
  6. thanks for your feedback, we also reserved the La Laguna from 7-11 but I was told we couldn't stay there any longer then 11pm? Also I was looking at pics of the Las Rocas and now I can't decide where I want to have the private reception.... so many options!!?? and there is a cost for everything!! I just want it to be perfect! Are you Ladies going to put together your own playlist or are you looking in getting a DJ? JND2012 your wedding is coming up very soon, you must be very excited!!!
  7. Hello Ladies, I am also new to this forum and found tons of useful information. I am getting married on May 4th 2012. We have a total of 32 guests confirmed. I was curious to find out what you are doing for the reception. I was told the latest you can have a private cocktail outside is 11pm... I would hate to have to break the party at that time. What are you ladies planning on doing??