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  1. Thanks!! I actually bjust went to a local screenprinting place in my city!
  2. The hats are for the guys (I got the women sun hats). Men and womens t shirts (womens are the v-neck) Insulated cooler to hold drinks on the islands
  3. I thought this was a cute idea, what do you think? My hand hurts from doing so many of these! Each of the 6 colored sectionals have different information regarding our various cruise activities, here are some of them!
  4. No not when I got them!! Wow they were only 4$ 6 months ago! But they do have other ones on that site, not waterproof though, for less than 2$!
  5. I actually bought vintage looking ones from etsy but have gotten many things from ckb for my oot bags, and I have bought leather products from them before and it is awesome quality. The reason I didn't go with those was because the vintage ones were more my style than the, black leather, but I would have no doubt that those are great
  6. Here's a link for all leather covers under 5.00. http://www.ckbproducts.com/leather-passport-cover-p-2283.html
  7. You're welcome oot bags were such a fun project! I'm kind of sad to be done with them!
  8. Thanks girls! We are hand delivering all but 15. In the ones being shipped I am usin plastic instead of glass bottles. I'm also gluing down the metalic fabric under the bottle, jewels, shells, ect, so during the shipping process everything will stay on top
  9. The chests were on sale for 10 each (originally 20 each) the bottles were on sale for 2.50 each and the shells, compasses, and antique keys came in bulk so maybe 5 to 10 extra dollars there per invite. so all together around a grand. i wouldn't say thats out of the ordinary for invites. Although usually that would buy a couple hundred but i wanted to male them memorable
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