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  1. Hi MJKH, For some reason I download them and when I finish the images dissapear. Anyway........ Marls, I don't want to confuse you. The "Diamante package" seems to be just for locals (Mexicans). However, I believe that they have other packages available that could be similar to ours. Best, Prometida
  2. MJKH, That's a great question. I hope somebody have that's information!. Regarding the buffet, it is not new . It is a Mexican thing , you can find it in the brochure as "tornaboda". I love it! I'm struggling on how to post pictures! ;( P
  3. Hi Marls, I'm glad you found my review helpful. I might not be that helpful regarding prices. Grand Sirenis has many different packets. You can get some with them and other packets are run by TAs. As I mentioned we directly got the packet from the hotel "paquete diamante" because it was cheaper to get that packet that doing it separatly by item. However, I have read about great packets if you are coming from Canada. What we did was getting the "diamante packet (included the chapel, palapa, and all the amenities that I explained)" and then we choose the menu with international bar. If you a
  4. Hi as I promised, here is my review. This website helped me a lot during the process for our wedding, so I hope it is helpful for some of you. We got married at the Grand Sirenis Resort and Spa on Saturday,May 26th 2012. Overall, it was a Fantastic experience!!! Our guests really enjoyed our wedding!!! Arrival: We were a little nervous because of all the bad reviews on the internet regarding the resort, but also because during our site visit in December 2011 we were not sure about the quality of the resort. Being part of this website really helped us to relax. Happily and perhaps
  5. Congratulations! Yes I'll be arriving May 19 and wedding will be the following weekend. We might see each other there!!! P
  6. Thank you douch Janette, everything looks fantastic! I started the count down . We will be flying in one week and a half so exciting!
  7. Amazing thank you!!! Everything looks fantastic. I will think about the candles you have a great point. You are so creative!!!
  8. Hey Janette Did you use the hotel florist for center pieces ?.we are really trying to save money,and I'm thinking in putting candles or something very simple. Also in the beginning they told me that they didn't charge extra for decorating the palapa with my stuff and now they say they do...... Anyway the problem is not if they do or not. It's disappointing that they say one thing and then another one.
  9. Hi Janette, Thank you, this is super helpful!!!. I will be very happy to see the palapa, I'm getting so excited yey!!!. MJ you are amazing, this website is just amazing !!!! Thank you both
  10. Jeanette, So amazing. Can I ask you something? At what time is the sunset ?, at what time was your ceremony? where did you get those wonderful starfish, etc?. My weeding is end of May and we are trying to figure out the late sunset at this time of the year. You look absolutly amazing!!!! Congratulations!
  11. Janette CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm soooo happy to hear evrything went fine! enjoy!! how is the weather? , I'll be there in 4 weeks . I'm guessing the sunset is around 7pm at this time of the year yey!!!. Charcat, I'm there with you I'm leaving to cancun in less that 5 weeks and I decided to relax. Elizabeth re-schedualed my skype apointment and I decided that I'm bringing all the things that I need (pictures, list of things, etc) and figure things out at my appointment when them. Don't worry, just try to organize everything before you leave and bring it with you. The reason that I'm so calm
  12. Hi MJKH, Than you for asking. The sales department were super nice . I hope things move in this direction from now on,. I'll let you know
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