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  1. It was stuffy. My reception turned out amazing anyways. I don't think I would have changed anything. However, if you really are interested in dancing, you might consider renting the Disco. It is air-conditioned. I think you can rent if from 8pm-11pm. Maybe do private or semi-private dinner, you can do your first dance there to get the photos and then head to the disco after. I guess it depends on your guests and what kind of reception you want to have. My family stuck around and danced with me until 11pm, they were real troopers because it was pretty miserable. But they all had fun!! We did our dance followed by the cake cutting as soon as we entered the reception, just to get it out of the way and I wanted to make sure I got the photos. We were also nervous about our first dance, so it was nice to get it out of the way ASAP! Haha, I literally spent most of my reception like this!!
  2. It was in the 90's. I wanted to do the Mexican restaurant but my husband and mom were totally against Mexican for the reception. But the terrace there is beautiful and it gets the ocean breeze. The area is not very private though, the terrace is level with the inside restaurant and the wall that separates it is glass. I didn't see any weddings by the pool, but that probably would have been better also. When in October is your wedding? I've heard it's cooler toward the end of the month.
  3. Thank you to Best Destination Wedding for the help in planning my wedding! Resort: After being engaged for 1 year, we decided to move ahead with wedding plans. Jason is from CA and I'm originally from Mississippi. After much thought, we chose a destination wedding because we knew it would provide an intimate gathering of our families and it would be cost efficient. We chose the RIU Palace based on reviews from this website and my mom had stayed at a RIU before and liked it. The prices were great, and Cabo was a short trip for most of our guests. Travel Agent: We used Babs with Wright Travel which is from this site. Babs was amazing!! Many of my guests decided to book on their own, we had several coming from So Cal so it was pretty easy for them. However, my guests from Mississippi all used Babs. We mostly corresponded through emails. She was very prompt in her responses, literally like within the hour. In the beginning, when we were still deciding the location and date, she ran multiple price comparisons for us until we found the right choice for us. She spoke with my mom on the phone several times. She was so good and I recommend her!! I will use her again if I travel outside the country. Her email is barbara@wrighttravelagency.com Wedding Coordinator: Our first wedding coordinator was Jazz, then Kylene took over. They both got back to me within a 1-3 day turn around. They both answered all my questions. I would recommend saving all emails and printing prior to arriving at the resort, especially if you have special requests. I met with Kylene once I arrived to the RIU to finalize all plans. I brought her my reception decor, which wasn't much with detailed directions on how to set up. It was all set up perfect. Stop stressing ladies!! She knows what she is doing. Wedding Package: We purchased the Royal Package ($1600). Extras we added on included the private reception at Steakhouse ($500), sound system ($190), extra flowers ($68), photographer and videographer ($2500) and some small other charges... I was very pleased with the prices and wouldn't have changed anything. Wedding Invites and Save the Date: First of all, I need to tell you that I'm currently working on my doctorate in nursing and working 12 hour night shifts part time. So, I totally simplified this whole wedding as much as possible. For my STD I made a video using One True Media, it literally took me 2-3 hours max. It was a slide show of pics, set to music with one video clip of our dog. I wish I could attach but not sure how. You can google One True Media and it will take you to the website. The best part, it was all FREE!!! No money spent on STD or postage, we just emailed it. We also decided to not send out any invites, but did send out brochures about the resort and travel to Mexico. Many found this to be helpful. The Resort: The resort was beautiful and very clean!! There was always people cleaning. We stayed by the lobby on the 3rd floor with an ocean view. Best Room!! I recommend paying the extra for the ocean view rooms and requesting the 3rd and 4th floor off the lobby. The rooms to the left of the lobby are better because the disco starts up at 11 pm and you can hear it. The La Ventana Piano Bar is beside the lobby also. That is where we had cocktail hour between the wedding and reception. We also met there frequently throughout the week. The view is breathtaking! This is my hubby, and the view from our room. Food: Well, I wasn't that crazy about the food. However, I'm very picky, mostly very healthy eater. My mom and husband both got sick on day #2-3. I'm not sure what they ate, but after that I felt uneasy about eating. No other guest got sick, and several mentioned how wonderful the food was. Again, I'm picky so it may just be me. The water is not safe either; you must use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth. Also, if you are going to eat lunch at the main buffet, eat at 12, this area is inside/outside area, and the food sits there for long periods. Entertainment: The entertainment at the pool was fun, they had water aerobics and different games each day. Some were hilarious. I did not care for the night entertainment too much. Sunday night, they had a Best Couple game night, I would recommend that one. Otherwise, I would make plans for off the resort if looking for entertainment. Guest OOT Bags: Again, being a poor grad student, we tried to be frugal. We bought everyone a 32 oz Bubba Keg, deck of cards, and small assortment of snacks. I believe everyone used the bubba kegs. Just a warning 32 oz is HUGE. I wish I would have gotten something smaller. I ended up putting water in mine and just having the server bring me drinks. 32 oz of ETOH would not be good for this little lady!! The cards were used by several of the guests. I wish I had brought more snacks. The rooms weren't stocked with snacks, so I wish I would have spent more money there. Flowers: Alina did an amazing job. She was very quick to get back to me. I sent her a pic of the bouquet I liked and told her to plan the rest. She sent me back a detailed, and priced out list of exactly everything I could have imagined. I deleted the boutonniere and added a hair flower for an even trade. My Beautiful Bouquet I ordered 3 starfish boutonnieres off Etsy for $20 for all 3. Hair flower. My sister did my hair! I loved it! The Ceremony: The wedding was at the Gazebo. First off, our wedding was the first of October and it was HOT, HOT, HOT. Future brides, please take this into consideration when planning. If you do decide on August/October, do not pick beach unless it is later than 4pm, the sand is very hot on your feet. We kept the wedding ceremony short and I was thankful. We made group pictures in the grass, because it was shaded and my poor guest were melting. Reception: The reception was at the terrace of the steakhouse. It was a very private area that was level with the beach. However, because of its location, there wasn't much breeze, therefore, it was HOT. And the only fan they had on the property was spitting our sparks of fire. I would recommend trying to have dinner where your reception will be held prior to the wedding night. That way maybe you could change sites, or at least buy some fans at Wal Mart. We did not use a DJ, I decided to take on the task of doing our music. This was one of the fun things during the planning phase. Jason and I had several nights where we drank wine and downloaded music. They did have a guy that ran the music. Prior to the wedding, I dropped off my iphone to Kylene with directions as to what to play during the ceremony, first dance, cake cutting, and etc... It all went smooth. This table sat 24. We had dancing at the other end. There was plenty of room. Details: Haha, obviously these weren't used!! All of these were printed from Vista Print This was sea glass that was given to us to give as favors. I loved them and they were a big hit with our guest. Cake: Didn't eat it, the dinner came with dessert. But I was pleased with how it turned out. Photographer: We went with the resort photographer myweddinginloscabos.net/blog , and I am very pleased. We haven't received our video yet. All of the attached pictures are from the resort photographer, so you can be the judge! Hope this helps!!
  4. Just got my confirmation!!! Cabo 10.4.12!! Can't wait!
  5. I've just decided to do a DW. I was originally thinking of the Bahamas, however, after a couple of days of doing some research, I'm feeling a little discouraged. My parents stayed at the RIU on Paradise Island and loved it. But it seems to be getting mixed reviews. I also wanted a garden wedding but not sure it it is possible at the RIU. I then looked at Sandals, and it has mixed reviews also. I was wanting to go with an AI. I've also checked at weddings in the Bahamas website, I'm concerned of cost and the comparisons to having a wedding at an AI resort. So, I did some further researching and have seen great reviews of the RIU in DR in Punta Cana, the pictures were amazing!! However, not sure how comfortable my parents are with the DR. Also, I'm thinking December 2012, how is the weather in the Bahamas at that time?? Any suggestions? I need feedback.
  6. So I've decided to have a destination wedding. I originally thought I wanted to go to the Bahamas. But I'm feeling a little discouraged by some of the comments on here. I was looking for an AI resort and was thinking about RUI on Paradise Islands. My parents stayed there last year and loved it. I would love to hear more reviews. I wanted a wedding in a garden setting which I'm not sure there is a garden setting at this site. I've also thought about Sandals but again, not hearing super great reviews. I've looked at weddings in the Bahamas website also, but I'm afraid it will be more expensive to do that option versus picking the wedding packages at the AI resorts. I then ventured out and looked at RUI in the DR in Punta Cana, it looks beautiful and got great reviews, and seems to be cheaper! However, I think my parents are more comfortable going to the Bahamas. Any thoughts?
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