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  1. Hi there, My wedding is less than 2 weeks away...I am buying some items down there and I had some items shipped in advance - I was told setup by some of our guests was fine and no charge... I've been getting everything they (on site and Miami) tell me in writing and I started a binder where I printed everything out and organized by subject as this is super helpful ... I will let you know if I encounter any issues when I fly down next week
  2. @Renewing32. You can do whatever you want as far as customization ... just keep in mind everything has a price
  3. less than two months until my wedding and I am getting so nervous! I am in the process of trying to get the welcome bags for each of our guests sorted out. Any unique ideas on what to include? Also, we would like to purchase the bulk of the items down there as we already have a ton we're bringing with us ... does anyone know how the shopping is in playa?
  4. Hi, I received permission prior to hiring in writing. I would suggest speaking to one of the other girls on the forum who has already held there wedding at PP and see what they suggest.
  5. Hi Bethany, I did all my research and decided the exact locations that I wanted for my wedding and had my Miami WC set everything up for me - including the mani/pedi's the day before. She then confirmed EVERYTHING locations, private functions, rehearsal, dinner reservations, etc. with the PP WC to ensure that I had the exact times and locations held for me. I am (obviously haha) super type A and like to plan everything out, so I just made sure I did my research. Prior to my Miami WC contacting me I made sure that I called the office and they were fabulous and sent me photos of the locations, photos of previous weddings, etc. etc. I am not doing a live band, but rather a DJ - I do not have to pay any fee because we're using the resort's suggestion. Depending on who you speak with to arrange your events you will either need to pay a vendor fee, a per person day pass fee, etc. I have made certain to get everything in writing from my WC. Even when we discuss items on the phone and I get the verbal okay, I follow it up with a detailed email stating "per our discussion on blank date that A, B and C will happen blah blah blah" and then she'll reply with a confirmation. This way when I get to Mexico I know there will be no surprises. When is your wedding?
  6. That's what this forum is for - to voice differing opinions. I disagree with you still, from personal experience - regardless your photos are beautiful. Cheers.
  7. My contract says 90 days with Ivan but even my pics in NYC were a 4 mo turn around. Remember he does all of gis own editing. I would suggest uaing pics your guests take. Anything fabulous is worth the wait ... if you want to spend more money and get a quicker turn around there are other photogs who may do it more quickly. But for me ... I will have the photps for a lifetime and if waiting gives me better results I am happy to wait
  8. Chelsea, they held my original post for moderation, whatever that means, so you may see this twice, sorry. But we're getting married April 19th, wooohoo only 3 months to go!!!
  9. Hi Lola! Yes, La Luna is fab too - and now they are full partners with Del Sol, which is exciting! Fernando's email is themakeuppros@hotmail.com let me know if you don't get a response and I will be happy to email him for you, he responded within 4 hours of my initial email and then immediately after the remaining emails. I'm doing Welcome Bags, but I will most likely ship them in advance, or just lay them flat and then check them in a third bag. Then I'm purchasing the goodies to stuff them while I'm there. We are looking into a catamaran cruise as well - but the day after the wedding instead of the day before ... right now it's between that and ziplining! Curious as to what you guys are doing with your wedding dresses since they no longer allow you to hang them? I don't want to check it for fear of anything happening so I am pretty sure I will just fold it in the garment bag and make sure the flight attendants don't allow anyone to shove anything on top. Does anyone else have suggestions?
  10. Ps ... I was originally using the resort for hair and makeup until I found out they won't come to your room and it is off site ... so then I found Fernando with the makeup pros and switched to him!
  11. Hi ... I'm also getting married at PP in April. We're doing the welcome reception on the wedding terrace and on the day of the wedding we are getting married at the wedding terrace with a cocktail hour in the Cielo bar and then a private dinner in the North Solarium. We also switched from a 2011 package to the 2012 complimentary package. I am using Luckie Photography for and Fernando Fuentes for hair and makeup (I just booked him today and am so excited). Del Sol had great photos but their peicing is outrageous. I am from NYC and a top notch photog there doesn't even cost that much so while I am sure their work is woth every penny I just couldn't justify the expense and by all accounts Ivan Luckie is amazing too. You can absolutely have outside vendors for photos, hair and makeup ...it is a 93 usd day pass per person. Keep in mind though that day passes cannot exceed 20 percent of your total party ... i.e. if you have 20 in your party no more than 4 can have day passes ... but they often make exceptions for vendors. I have juat made sure to get everything in writing prior to making my deposits. Hope this helps and congrats to another PP April bride
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