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  1. Hello, I'm getting married at El Dorado Seaside Suites in May 2013. Are there any other brides who are getting married or have gotten married at EDSS out there?
  2. Does anyone know what is included with the free private event? I'm having a hard time finding exact info. It sounds like with some brides food was included but others had to pay extra. Any help?
  3. Hi! I just got engaged and am looking to get married at Cozumel Palace. Can you please provide some info/pics of your wedding?? Thanks!,
  4. Hi! I'm looking to get married at Cozumel Palace. Can you please share some of your experiences/pics? Thanks!!!
  5. EDSS 5/25/13 Wedding

    Pros: The grounds are beautiful, food is great, excellent customer service
    Cons: 60 min from airport
    AEDSS Review Before I begin my review I would like to start off by saying that I started planning my wedding a year and a half out. We wanted to give our guests plenty of time to plan for the trip, which in turn gave me plenty of time! Wedding date: Saturday, May 25,2013 Wedding coordinators Valeria and Paty Budget:$10,000 without my dress Package: Free Sweet package Lomas travel for transfers Total of 29 wedding guests My travel agent, Joanne Medima at Sunchasers Travel helped me comb thr
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