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  1. i CANNOT wait to have 150 posts in order to open some of these documents..i will definately be coming back to this thread once i can!!
  2. Can you please forward along this email as well to me caitlin.tracey@yahoo.com
  3. Love this song..great pick..its in our top picks as well!!
  4. Ohhh I never even thought of what to get my groom to be..the BD shoot looks fun and def something I think he will enjoy..I'm glad I stopped by this thread!!
  5. Looks like your DIY lab is really coming together..these are great!!
  6. Thats amazing news!!! Congrats on exceeding your quota!! This video makes me wanna jump on a plane and get married tomorrow These pieces are stunning..and go so well with everything else I've seen that you have posted!! Definately LOVING all the bling!!!
  7. Super sexy!!! gonna be a great little surprise for your FI if you havent already shown him!!
  8. I know with the new packages you get the wedding coordinator included. I dont know if that is the difference if some of you have the old packages.
  9. These are SUPERRRR cute!!! Do you just want to do all the planning for my wedding when your done with your own because everything you put together is great!!!
  10. PM message me your email addy..i just received two documents for the venues from my coordinator in Miami!
  11. Ohh thats such a good little blurb to put on there!! I'm stealing it, thanks!!
  12. Ohh thats horrible. We were kind of having the same issue with my parents when we first mentioned it all. Its bc they weren't use to this "idea". In the end all that matters is that you and your FI will be there! Don't loose focus of the reason why your going there! Its what you as a couple want!!
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