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  1. Selling my Allure 8634 wedding dress in ivory size 8. I paid $365 to have it altered. It has a french bustle and was pulled over the breast area so the cleavage wasn't too revealing. I'm a size 34/36 D and always have to wear a bra BUT I didn't even have to wear a bra with this dress due to the amazing alterations. My boobs still felt perky and not saggy at all. The dress definitely got dirty but I paid $90 to dry clean and they amazingly got all of the stains out. There are 3 rhinestones missing as you can see from the pictures but it would be easy to fix those or leave as is because they aren't even noticeable. I'm sure a tailor could easily fix. I can throw in the right size rhinestones because I bought a ton of rhinestones to make my bridesmaids dress sashes with rhinestones to match my dress. I'm 5'3" and wore 4" inches which the dress was altered when I was in the heels. The dress was still relatively long on me as you can see from pictures. Dress was $1,400 plus $365 for alterations that you would have to get anyway because the dress comes incredibly long. I'm selling it for $800 plus shipping (I live in VA). It's a beautiful dress and I'm sad to sell it but it'll only just sit in my closet. Please message me if you're interested. I have TONS of pictures too so I can share more if you would like. Thanks, Kelly
  2. Hi! I'm looking for the allure 8634 size 8 in silver/ivory! Can you email me pictures to kelly.knuuti@gmail.com? Is it actually an Allure or a knockoff? How much are you selling it for? What alterations have you gotten done? I can pay you through Paypal. Thanks! Kelly
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