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  1. Hi Jo, just noticed your only up the road from me, I live in Hartlepool and your getting married the day after me! Do you have many guests travelling with you? x
  2. Hiya, same here I have just had a reply from our wedding co-or saying we only need passports and tourist cards!!! Ive replied saying so the only documents wee need to bring are passports and NO birth certicicates! haha x
  3. Hi Im not sure if im posting in the right place! Im Kelly from the UK, we are getting married on the 19th of April 2012, getting close! :-D x They will be just me and my husband to-be nd our two children, 9 year old Jacob and 10 month old baby girl attending so we have asked the hotel to provide the 4 witnesses. We were offered the option for the ceromoney at either the hammocks or the wooden jetty, I have seen anyone alse mention the wooden jetty as an option? I have really made any plans which is a bit scary, seeing as thou there is only us 4 going alls i have had to do really is choose the resturant and cake!! xxx
  4. Hiya Sarah, did you get your questions answered regarding the documents, im getting married on the 19th April and have the same confusion as you x
  5. exactly what documents are required and do they need translating? getting differnent info from travel agent and wedding co-or info. thanks