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  1. I'm also doing one per couple and am doubling up on personal items.
  2. I absolutely love lace-ups. Many of us buy are dresses way in advance of the wedding and the lace-up allows the dress to fit perfectly regardless of any minor changes in weight and without alterations. That being said, I actually chose a dress that doesn't lace up. I was considering having it converted, but I think my dress would loose a bit of its charm if I did. But, I was originally planning to purchase a different dress that was lace-up. My mom watched the sales person lace it up and then repeated the process herself to make sure that she knew how to do it.
  3. Welcome to the thread, TeeColl1029! I'm so glad to have a chance to talk to other brides who are planning their wedding at sandals in Antigua. Congrats on your engagement!
  4. Personally, I'm giving one per couple. I'm also giving one to my brother ( single guy). I'm not planning to give favors in addition to bags. I think that mine will be about $30/bag when they are finished, but I'm only making 5. My bags are pretty girlie, but the items in the bags will be useful for the guys too.
  5. I was just looking through dresses on ebay and I happened across someone selling a knock-off of this dress. She has a photo up of her version of the dress. Here's the link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-White-Chiffon-Wedding-Dresses-Gown-Custom-Size-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-stock-/220940947718?_trksid=p3286.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D3%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D6186607420928464106 Quote: Originally Posted by cnd29 Has anyone seen this dress? I'd love to be able to try it on before ordering, but I don't know who designed the original!
  6. I e-mailed you the brochure. I get that same message when I try to open files on this site. I thought it was just me. I'm getting the bridal package that the spa offers. I think it includes a mani and pedi, trial run of hair and makeup the day before, and hair and makeup the day of the wedding. I was originally thinking that I would do hair and makeup myself, but I will probably be a little anxious the morning of the wedding, so I think that letting someone else take care of it will be less stressful as long as I know that they will do a good job. Having the trial run will give me confidence in how it will turn out.
  7. Hi Cnikole, We are going with the beautiful beginnings package as well. I'm attaching the brochure that Ebony sent to me with the flower options. I've heard that the photographers do a pretty good job at this resort. From what I've read, they will take a lot of pictures and you are able to chose the ones that you like. People have said that most wedding photographers will edit your photos for you, but Sandals doesn't. From what I've read, I think that its important that when we arrive at the resort, we request to speak with the photographer and let them know if we have any specific requests. I'm a little nervous about the photography as well, but they do a lot of weddings at the resort, so I'm sure the photographers are experienced. MS Floral Brochure-1.pdf
  8. Hi cantstopsmiling! There is a lot of room for individuality in making OOT bags. Personally, I'm making one per couple and am giving them to the guests when we arrive at the resort. Cost depends on what you choose to include. I think that mine will end up costing about $25.00 per bag. I've read posts from people who were able to put together beautiful bags for mush less. I've also seen more expensive ones. Hope this helps
  9. Hi Cnikole! I'm so excited that you responded! We booked the wedding last summer and it's been a while since I've spoken with Ebony. I'm planning to call her soon. I've gathered from reading other threads that some things have changed regarding wedding options at Sandals since I booked, so I want to get up-to-date info from her. I have less than four months to go and I can't wait! We have nine people going including FI and I. Are you guys inviting any family or friends? SarahTD - I learned so much from reading all of your posts! I'm sure I will have more questions as the time approaches. I'll definitely be taking you up on your offer!
  10. Hi Love! Congrats on your up coming wedding! I'm so glad that you posted. I was beginning to feel a little lonely in here..hehe Did you choose a site on the resort for your wedding yet? I think we're going to have the ceremony in the barefoot gazebo and a reception on the beach.
  11. This thread has been quiet for a while, so I thought I would try to revive it. My fiance and I are getting married at Sandals Grande in Antigua on May 23, 2012. I can't wait! Are there any other Antigua brides around?
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