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  2. Oh dear, I am so happy! Everything went out perfect, and all my parents and friends keep telling me that my pictures are a dream come true! Here is the first one:
  3. I decided to ask my WC, and she assured that I will be satisfied with Arrecife, the in-house photographers.. and decided not to take the Video at the end, because I found it a bit expensive, and I heard their best skill is photography. I just can say I am delighted! my wedding pictures came out amazing, everybody loved them! Wish I had chosen my ceremony earlier, so I would have more sunset photos (one of my wedding dreams). The sun hides so early at this time of the year! but I am really happy, and satisfied with the job of everybody, the decoration was minimalist but lovely! I can just recommend the Hotel, the wedding coordinators are so helpful, thank you girls!
  4. Hy everyone! I got married 4 days ago, at Melia Caribe Tropical, and everything was perfect! The only thing I must warn you about (for those brides-to-be) is the hour of the ceremony.. Of course we were told that the sun sets earlier at this time of the year in the Caribbean, but we could not believe how dark it was before 6 PM!! Our w.c was amazing, the ceremony too, and the pictures astonishing! I just wish we have had more sunlight to pose at the beach for our sunset newlyweds photos.. I will be uploading them soon!
  5. ashluv19

    Dominican or Mexico for wedding?

    I have heard of "Blue House"as a small private place ideal for honeymooners.. and then the Palms is a little bit bigger but very private too. Hope this info helps, Congrats!
  6. ashluv19

    Brooch Bouquets

    Hi! One of my best friends got married here last year, and the bouquet was made of fabric (beautifully mixed in orange, yellow, white and fuchsia) and she did not have any troubles with flying with it. As long as there are no natural leaves, you should be fine!
  7. Hi ladies! I was reading jennyalisha's comments about hiring Arrecife as videographers, are they god/ do you have any samples of their work? I am asking because I heard good comments about Arrecife's photography, but nothing at all about their videos..
  8. Beautiful video, Janet! You mentioned you were waiting for your pictures.. how did they turned out? I am curious because i haven'd decided yet about who will be my photographer! Any recommendation will be highly appreciated, thanks and lots of happiness for you both!
  9. Mine is for the 30th! But it is going to be only the 2 of us.. Then my parents and my hubbies' parents are going to have a dinner at Jellyfish restaurant, out of the Resort. We just wanted to do something different out of the hotel and this restaurant was highly recommended. What I still have not decided is about photographer-videographer.. any suggestions? I am between HDC and the in site photography provider, Arrecife. Hope anybody can give pros or cons about working with them, so I can make my final decision! Did you already talked to the wedding coordinators? Sterling is really nice.. Good luck with your planning! and congratulations!
  10. It's beauutiful! you are going to be gorgeous in that dress! good choice!
  11. Beautiful pictures! I love photography, so I am checking all the styles I can, to have a better idea of what I want..
  12. Hi ladies! My name is Ashley, and I am planning to get married soon at Melia Caribe Topical.. any suggestions or recommendations for a good photographer with flexible prices? For video services I have been searching and the best videographers seem to be from Santo Domingo (and they seem expensive too) my ceremony will be small, but I want to record the memories of that day to show back at home to all my parents/relatives who are not able to come.. Any info will be highly appreciated!
  13. Great stay!

    Pros: Everyhting is great! food, the rooms, everything!
    Cons: The rain and the atmospheric pressure
    I did not get married there, but my cousin did!   the wedding gazebo is gorgeous! the photos went out amazing.. everybody was so happy with the service they provide.. highly recommended!
  14. We looooved our pictures!!

    Pros: Professional service, private showroom for the couple and closest ones to watch the entire coverage of the wedding
    Cons: Their website is still under construction.
    With Arrecife we found just what we wanted: flexible prices, gentle service, fast and very professional.   They have a beautiful private showroom only for newlyweds, where they show you a presentation of the entire work. The images are my dream come true!    I highly recommend them. Thanks god I listened to my wc when she suggested me to hire the in-house photography provider.   Thank you guys!!!!  all the best   Ash