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  1. really enjoyed reading this thread from planning to the actual big day!!!! You looked amazing!! Well done on the wedding.
  2. i am just going to go for the silk rose petals as I don't want to take any chances with customs!
  3. worried the sunscreen is going to reflect in the photos!!
  4. my teeth are waaay too sensitive for Crest White Strips. Thinking of getting a couple of crowns done too to straighten my smile!
  5. i would also highly recommend blogs. Try Tiffany D or Make Up Geek. They are both on you tube.
  6. I take a multi-vitamin and also fish oils and selenium!
  7. Hi ylekot, Is there a primer you can suggest for super oily skins? I don't have pimples, just oil and large pores!!!
  8. depends on your skin type for foundation. If dry skinned, then try Armani Luminous or Chanel Vita Lumiere or maybe Chanel Prolumiere. If oily skinned, then Mac Pro long wear
  9. hi joanne ireland I have the best suggestion for you!! I have super oily skin and I HIGHLY recommend MACs Blot Powder. Its a pressed powder that you blot (don't swipe or rub, you are just depositing the powder in the exact areas you need it. If you rub, you are dragging the product everywhere) with a powder puff. I use the foam thing that comes with the pressed powder and that suprisingly works well cos you can get into all the nooks and crannys!!
  10. think its important to drink gallons of water and eat healthy good quality foods. Lots of fruit and veggies. I try to fill at least half my plate at every meal with these. Might try a detox of some sort in January
  11. i use warm water and baby shampoo. I don't allow the wooden part to get wet, so I have to point the bristles down. Wash gently and dry on a flat surface.
  12. I always believed that the sunscreen reflects back at the camera when the photo is taken, it reveals shiny, almost wax like appearance. I'm not going to wear any. Not getting married until 4 pm and will just try to stay in the shade!!!
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