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  1. For my reception, the wedding coordinator told us to remember to leave before the reception was over, so we would not be charged for the additional time. I can't remember exactly what the cost associated was, but I want to say it was $50 per table per hour. I'm sure the enforcement varies, but I wouldn't count on it. Fortunately, our reception was on the south terrace, so we just moved to the other side to enjoy the pool/hot tub/bar.
  2. I thought I read on another board that a planning office is being opened in Mexico. Of course, I can't find the particular post now, but this may be the reason.
  3. Neither. We had a symbolic ceremony and were legally married after the fact, so we didn't show a license, IDs, or anything the website says you must have at your planning meeting. I would double-check with your onsite coordinator, however, to make sure the policy hasn't changed.
  4. That sounds like a good plan...the sports bar and rooftop bars would both be fun between the wedding and cocktail hour. Which restaurant is your dinner?
  5. This must be a new policy. Our reception was three hours, and we didn't pay anything extra.
  6. It'll be here before you know it...the last month definitely goes by quick. Our ceremony was at 5PM, and our cocktail hour was at 6PM. Our guests took pictures on the beach with us for about twenty minutes before heading up to the cocktail hour. We were able to spend about fifteen minutes there before going back down to finish pictures...but I didn't even look at the food. In other words, if you hold the cocktail hour right after the ceremony, then I imagine you won't get to spend much time there. If you use the cocktail hour as a welcome event, would you hold a reception or dinner immediately after the ceremony? I altered the complimentary white rose bouquet to have hydrangeas in it (at no cost), and I didn't really like it..only because they weren't the hydrangeas I was expecting. My onsite coordinator said you can do white roses, calla lilies, or daisies for the complimentary bouquet..so I think if you like simple bouquets with those flowers, then you will be satisfied with the complimentary one. The rose version is like the one below, but slightly bigger...and pure white/ivory (Although I think you can get come other colors at no cost). Oh, I got the feeling Rebeca thought I was a little strange at times too...like she was doubting my decisions. But she definitely delivered, so I don't mind. I don't remember Carlos...but that's awesome you were able to get all your guests nearby. All my guests were spread out, but we didn't even think to try to get them on the same floor. We only stayed six nights, but I was strangely ready to go home. We will be planning an anniversary trip there though.
  7. Ha, the cute young boy is my son. My dad works in Iraq and found out a few weeks before the wedding that he wouldn't be able to make it, so he was the natural fill-in. Why did it take three hours in the offices? That does sound exhausting. Was Mario as great as Rebeca? We weren't a huge fan of the Sun Palace either. When we got there, they told us they upgraded our room to an "oceanview" suite, but the oceanview was actually a view of the hotel next door and the restaurant below. When we asked if we could switch to a different room, they sent us to a room with someone in the shower and another room with the door locked from the inside. We ended up calling the Beach Palace to see if we could get our reservation transferred back over there, and apparently, the BP manager called the Sun Palace and told them to do whatever they had to do to make us happy. So they gave us a presidential suite. Don't get me wrong, I thought the staff at SP were great, the room was clean, and the food was better than at BP...but the beach and pool were so much smaller, and since the resort is shaped like a W, it was a lot less private. I guess people choose it over BP because its adults-only.
  8. Oh, how funny..maybe you can relay the ceremony to me, because I don't remember much (just from being in the moment, not alcohol..ha). I just checked out your pictures...gorgeous! Who was your coordinator? I'm ready to see my pictures too.
  9. Thank you! Our ceremony was at 5:00, cocktail started at 6:00, and the reception was from 7:00-10:00. At ten, we transferred to the bar, pool, and hot tub on the other side of the roof until a little after midnight. We only had 23 guests, so I was worried our reception would be boring...but it wasn't at all.
  10. Hello ladies, I just wanted to post a quick update on my 05/28 wedding. I started creating a review thread, but realized I have very few pictures to back up my statements, so I will hold off on it until I get the professional ones back. Anyway, the wedding went well, and we LOVED Beach Palace. Below I listed our event sites and vendors incase anyone wants to ask any questions...I would love to help. Welcome Dinner: Tequila (restaurant) (Symbolic) Ceremony: Beach Cocktail hour: Ocean side of the south terrace (Superior menu) Reception: Lagoon side of the south terrace (French buffet) Collection: We originally selected CC Nautical collection, but since it wasn't available on our wedding day, we brought our own decor (and the resort waived the set-up fees). Onsite coordinator: Rebeca Miami wedding planner: Janessa Hair/Make-up: Fernando Fuentes/The Make-up Pros Photography: Jonathan & Melissa from del Sol (formerly of La Luna) Flowers: Complimentary bridal bouquet and four bridesmaid bouquets through the resort Music: We brought our own Bose iPod dock, but it didn't work with the resort's mic and extra speaker, so JSAV let us use theirs for the same price as mic/speaker. Honeymoon: Sun Palace Reception set-up before the party began... bridesmaid flowers (purchased through the resort for $70ish each with their place cards & my real touch flower centerpiece) last dance who says the pools close at 8PM? Again, let me know if you have any questions..I'm an open book. Good luck planning!
  11. Yes, we got a proposal and an authorization form to send payment for all the extras we requested. Unfortunately, its not the same as a contract in the fact that you can't add stipulations about outside photographers or what not. I was worried at first that we would eventually be charged for using outside photographers, but I'm pretty confident that the wedding planner and on-site coordinator will stay true to their word now.
  12. According to Janessa, they aren't doing contracts anymore.
  13. I found a relatively new photoblog: http://www.luckiephotography.com/michelle-tim-wedding-at-beach-palace-cancun/
  14. I wanted real petals to toss on the aisle of my beach ceremony, but Janessa said the on-site coordinator said no because they would all blow away. I've seen other brides use them on the beach at resort though, and they appeared fine..
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