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  1. Schmizer, Where are you getting married in Maui? My fiancé and I are getting married on the north part of the Island. I'm actually part Hawaiian and my entire family is from Oahu, fun enough, I haven't ever been to Maui. My fiancé loves Maui and convinced me it's the best place to get married, so like you, we're getting Married in Maui I'd love to hear what florist you're using.. i still can't find someone that hasn't' quoted me thousands of dollars for a few centerpieces!! -Lori
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    I am not sure the company name of the cake we ordered from, since our WP helped us out and got the quote but I'm super excited. They are willing to make the exact cake we want for $450!! WIth delivery included!
  3. Hey ladies, I will be arriving into the OGG airport in April and have not yet booked my rental car for the week. Does anyone have a coupon code or a discount website they have used to book their rental car? Any few dollars saved helps, right?? Thanks!
  4. Hello Starchild!! Thanks for sending me that link!
  5. Hey ladies, We are having our wedding at a private estate on Saturday, April 28th. It will be more money to rent out the estate the day prior to the wedding, in which case is the rehearsal dinner. Since that isn't really an option for us, since we're on a budget, we decided to have our rehearsal dinner at a luau. My soon to be Mother-in-law has generously offered to foot the bill for the rehearsal dinner at the luau, however; it's been tough finding a luau location that will let you reserve 20 seats. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best luaus and most accommodating near Lahai
  6. Hello, We are getting married in Haiku at a private estate in April 2012. I am looking for several things, since you used to live there, I thought you could help! I would love to have large draft wood with purple orchids on them. Also, do you know where I can rent cheap chandeliers to hang in the ceremony? Who would you recommend for the following... I am also looking for a great make up and hair stylist? Wedding cake (already have a caterer) Florist? that isn't too expensive Vans (we have 60 guests and we would like to bus them from Lahiana to Haiku) Thanks f
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