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  1. Wow...been awhile since I've been on here and it is nice to see that I'm not the only one with some panic! Thanks Vav and Sarah for all the info you provided us! So helpful! I'm trying to take your advice and not stress about things and hope that everything just falls into place! With only 6 weeks to go and so much still up in the air I'm finding it hard to just relax about everything. My biggest issue is not having a time or our ceremony yet!! UGH!! I'm hoping I will get this information soon!! I want to book for hair and make up etc, but kind of hard when I don't know what time we are getting married at! Also still trying to decide on a location for our cocktail hour and reception. Was planning on the beach, but after hearing about the wind issues, I think we are going to have to choose another location. Alana have you recieved a time yet for your ceremony?? Mercy said they are still waiting to hear back from the judge, but I'm starting to get a bit impatient!!
  2. Hi Alana, I didn't even know they had a questionaire!! hahha! Was it sent to your from Claribel?...i'm going to take a look at the other form that was posted to see if I can find out some more infor to answer our questions. I will let ya know if I find out anything major!
  3. Hi Monique24, Yes, we used a TA...my parents had purchased a type of travel discount card through Sun Dreams Holidays, so we went with one of their travel agents to book all of our guests so they could all get the discount we did Ourselves and most of our guests are flying out of Halifax. With the great deal we were able to get we didn't mind making the 2 1/2 hour drive from Moncton to Hali. I'm from Nova Scotia originally, so we have alot of guests from NS too that will travel to Hali for the flight. It was a bit of a nightmare trying to book the resort and our flight to match. In order to book at the resort for the wedding we needed a flight confirmation., but we didn't want to book our flight until we had secured our wedding date at the resort. It worked out for us in the end and we are happy to be getting married at NOW Once we confirmed our wedding date and it was booked with the resort we contacted our TA and he booked the flight/resort for us. We then contacted all of our guests and gave them our TA's info so they could book through him. Due to the discount offer we were getting our guests had to book quickly to ensure they got the deal...it was only available for a couple of weeks, so it had to happen quickly. Not sure if this helps at all with our situation being a lil different with the way our deal worked. Hope I answered all your questions
  4. This is great...so happy to be able to chat with some other brides getting married at Now Larimar! ...Thanks Mandy!! Our wedding is on April 19, 2012 and I still have so much planning and figuring out to do! Pretty sure we have decided on our ceremony on the beach...it was pretty much the number one reason for getting married down south, but still not sure were we want our meal and reception. Have you ladies purchased wedding packages? Where are those meals served does anyone know? Is it at one of the resturants? We have 30 guests confirmed right now and we were worried if we ate at one of the resturants there would not be enough room for all of us to sit together. Any of you ladies know about the decorations that are included?? I know you can purchase everything seperatly, but that seems it would get expensive. we are looking at getting the Divine wedding package, because it seems to meet our needs the best as far as the decor, but the other packages don't say what is included in them as far as decorations!! Oh so may questions!! hahah Is it too soon to contacy Claribel to start getting some things straightened away? I know that she is probably dealing with weddings that will be happening sooner then our, but I want to start chatting about what our options are exactly...and I know that getting in contact with her can be a task!! Oh what to do!?!?!
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