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    We always happy to shoot a wedding in the Dreams Punta Cana this is one of the most beautiful Hotels in Punta Cana!! We still have a couple of free Days,so for more Informations pleas feel free and contact Caribbean Emotions for you special Day.Our Goal is to give you a unique Souvenir from this special Day in your Life.



    We have some new locations for the Trash the Dress session and we are prepared for underwater pictures and pictures in a private Cave

    contact us ;




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  2.  Caribbean Emotions Christmas Package for all the Riu Palace Punta Cana Brides .
     We are located in Punta Cana Dominican Republic no travel costs !!!
    !!!!!  Our Christmas Gift for you  !!!!!


    Multymedia Package

    -Coverage by one Photographer and one Videographer

    -one CD-Rom (DVD) with all the Pictures taken during the wedding ( in high resolution more than 500 Pictures all Edited !! )

     -one professional DVD(Real Movie) with music  about 30-40 minutes (after editing)


    Trash the Dress Session

    -Coverage by one Photographer and one Videographer


    Trash the Dress Session (usually the Day after your wedding on a private beach , not in your

     Hotel,Transport is include !!

    one CD-Rom (DVD)  with all the pictures in high resolution (more than 250 photos)

    You get a CD with more than 750 Pictures and a professional DVD(Real Movie) with music  about 30-40 minutes (after editing)


     Just for 1100$U.S. (Normal Price 1300$U.S.)


    this offer i ts valid from December 8, 2011 until December 31, 2011 

    The Multimedia Package include the possibility to have your Pictures taken already 2-3 Hours before the wedding when your are getting ready and dressed. It includes the whole ceremony and a photo session after the wedding for family pictures, pictures of the bride and groom, etc., but it does not include the Reception .

    contact us on



    important @ !! Michael Weiler worked many years for the Riu Hotels in Punta Cana he knows all the beautiful Locations,hwork with Magnolia and Maria for many years together .Just look at our Packages and Pictures and recognize that you get more for your money if you go with ( Pictures and Movie )  Caribbean Emotions.

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    Hi Sabrina
    Do you have only a symbolic ceremony? 
    Normal goes a ceremony 15-20 minutes "maximum"
    The last wedding we shot there was 12 minutes. 5pm ceremony 5:20pm done... Your photographer has 40 minutes time to make family pictures. 6:00pm to 6:45pm pictures of you and your husband.    Talk with you photographer.    An see the positiv things : The light 5pm is great for ceremony pictures. =)    I hope you will have a great wedding in the dreams la romana =)   Sunny greetings from the Dominican Republic   Pascal
    Originally Posted by Sabrinaa View Post

    Hey Ladies,

    My wedding is only a couple weeks away and I wanted to give you a heads up.  My ceremony got pushed from 4pm to 5pm which I AM NOT happy about.  This means I will have very little time for pictures before my 6:30pm ceremony.  My fiance and I are considering pushing the reception back until 7pm to give us a bit more time but I'm worried about the sunsetting and therefore the increase in time won't actually be of any help.


  4. Hi sunny

    To keep things simple, many Hotels (Resorts) include these charges within their food, drink and room prices.

    Goods and services in the Dominican Republic are subject to a 16% government value-added tax.
    At restaurants, for example, the bill includes the 16% ITBIS  and allows restaurants to collect a 10% service charge.
    This means an additional 26% can be charged to your total bill.

    It is also advisable to ask your Restaurant rebefore ordering if you wish to pay by credit card.

    Greetings Pascal



  5. Hello BDW Members

    We have a lot of weddings with Rick York, we upload on youtube a example for you.

    We upload also a full movie with the ceremony of Rick Yoir.
    Watch a other full ceremony with Rick York

    A couple times we had also ceremony's with Ryan Vandelinde.
    The ceremony of him is also great perfect English and he has a sympatic voice.

    Sunny greetings from the Dominican Republic

  6. We shipping our products with a local shipping service, the problem for you. You need to open a account and you must stay in the dominican repbulic. It's also really expensive.

    The easy way, you can check the local big supermarkt: 

    Super Pola
    This supermarkt is in the San Juan Shopping Center 15 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from your hotel away.
    The San Juan Shopping Center is new and has a lot of diffrent Store.



    Super Mercados Nacional
    This supermarkt is five minutes from the airport and 45 minutes from your hotel away.
    This supermakrt has a big offers of world-wide product.

    You can try to call this supermarkt=)



    Sunny greetings from the Dominican Republic  =)

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