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  1. Hey Kaylin! I sent an email to Mayte earlier this week with my inspiration pics, etc. It sounds like we're on the same schedule! Haven't heard back yet, but I know she's busy. Question for you, and others...do you know if we have to choose the menu beforehand, or can we decide at the meeting/tasting? Can't believe we're less than 2 months away!
  2. Congrats Mimi and thanks for all the information so far!! Don't know what I'd do without you! It's good to know that we can charge as much as we need to on our AmEx. Did you feel comfortable leaving all of your cash in the safe? We are staying at the ME also and have heard mixed reviews about the resort in general. I'm 100% confident with Jellyfish and Mayte, but am getting worried about some of the recent trip advisor reviews of the Majestic. I'm looking forward to reading your review!
  3. Congrats to you both! Can't wait to see pics and hear all about your weddings. Our wedding is in 101 days...woo!
  4. We are using Karina Jenson for photography and HDC Photo for videography. Karina's website is http://photobykarina.com/. Her portfolio is amazing and her prices are very reasonable. She's based in La Romana (I think) so there are some nominal travel fees. Have an awesome trip and happy planning!!
  5. Congrats Lisa!! And thanks for all this info, it's super helpful. I can't wait to see your video -- we are also using HDC for video (and Karina Jenson for photos).
  6. Hey Britney! Great job on your website! I'm getting married in Feb at the Jellyfish, but we're staying at the ME. You got great prices! I'm working with Patty from Wright Travel Agency and our prices are a bit higher. When did you sign your contract?
  7. Hi and welcome! I'm also getting married on Feb. 8, 2013!! We are staying at Majestic Elegance but our wedding will be at the Jellyfish. I've been engaged for a year and started planning about 6 months ago...but I think I could have started planning much later. This website is really amazing and will answer all your questions. I also highly recommend using a travel agent -- mine's been super helpful in answering many of my questions and steering me in the right direction. Good luck and happy planning!
  8. I just asked my travel agent the same question (and I'm also using Krystie Ann -- yay!), and she told me this: I believe they charge a higher rate for a day pass for a vendor to come on the property but I'll check with the WC. I don't know how they know who is a vendor versus a guest, other than the vendor bringing in supplies. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.
  9. I just booked my hair/makeup with a Canadian makeup artist who will be in PC for the winter. Her name is Krystie Ann, you can find her on FB (search Krystie An Hair & Makeup Artist). Her portfolio is awesome, her prices are reasonable, and she's been really responsive and easy to work with so far. I'm so excited to have found someone in Punta Cana.
  10. Congrats! I'm a Feb 2013 bride too! These next 8 months are going to fly by...
  11. I LOVE your set up and colors -- also very similar to ours. You look beautiful! Congratulations!! I'm happy to hear that the food at the Majestic Elegance is good, too...I was worried.
  12. Thanks for your review, Alex! You look gorgeous!!! And I love your colors and all the decorations.
  13. Mayte is the wedding planner at the Jellyfish, and she apparently has an apartment full of amazing decorations. She creates anything you want -- and it seriously doesn't even compare to what you'd get at the resort. I'm so happy with our decision to get married at Jellyfish!
  14. @cnd29, us too! We were all ready to book our wedding at the resort, then I read her blog (and this thread) and chose Jellyfish. I feel like it's the best decision we've made! Mayte's creativity and decorations are exactly what I was looking for...and after seeing pictures of weddings at resorts versus JF, I'm soooo happy we're not getting married at the resort! We booked HDC photo for our wedding already. I wish we could afford her, too. But I'm hoping to convince my FI to do a TTD session with her and Rob.
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