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  1. CruiseWedding13

    OOT bag welcome letter

    Thanks for your countdown letter example. I'm tweaking it to fit our wedding.
  2. CruiseWedding13

    OOT bag welcome letter

    All the ideas on this read has helped me so much. With a little bit of tweaking, because my wedding is on a cruise, I'll have the welcome letter I'm looking for!
  3. CruiseWedding13

    Jewelry for feet

    [=http://www.daisy-days.com/bridal-elegance-barefoot-sandals.html] I found this website helpful.
  4. I love the Nicole Miller. You're the same size like me and I love how deep backs look on my body type. The material looks like it would hug your body more too.
  5. CruiseWedding13

    Any other 2013 Brides??

    The FH and I are getting married in April 2013. We're getting married in Nassau, Bahamas. We and the guests are arriving by cruise ship. I'm excited because it feels so close.
  6. This post was soooooo helpful. I'm leaving with a few ideas for my oot bags!
  7. CruiseWedding13

    Bermuda Vendors

    Hey quinny, Have you researched select sites group? I'm not doing the ceremony at any resort or do you think I should try going for a beach location on a resort? Which is more cost effective. I'm planning to have a group of about 50. I spoke with the Bridal Suite and they were personable as well but never really gave me any names of vendors. I did get preliminary costs on aspects of the wedding though
  8. CruiseWedding13

    Bermuda Vendors

    There's are so few Bemuda brides on here but I would like to know which wedding planner anyone has used. Im planning a beach wedding after arriving via cruiseship. Does anyone know any good locations
  9. CruiseWedding13

    Bermuda 2013

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum. Planning a beach wedding in Bermuda for June 2013. We and our guests are arriving via RCCL. Anyone else getting married in Bermuda? Are you using a wedding planner and if so who? Happy planning everyone
  10. CruiseWedding13

    RCCL Bermuda Bride

    I notice your wedding date has passed by now. Do you have any info on weddings in Bermuda and cruising on RCCL? I am doing the exact same trip and destination for my wedding
  11. CruiseWedding13

    Help with our Reception Needed

    who is your TA? I was thinking of using one but RCI gave me preliminary info on group rates and made it seem possible to book private rooms or the dining room for a private event as well. Reading your posts Im unsure if I want to use a TA if they dont get all the info
  12. CruiseWedding13

    Steel Pan or Harp?

    I wanted a steel pan for my wedding also. i think the steel pan is more tropical for the beach than a harp. just my opinion
  13. CruiseWedding13

    New Royal Caribbean Bride Here!

    Hi Ecorugal Im actually trying to plan a cruise wedding through RCI too fro 2013. What did you mean by the rates were cheaper through the TA than OBC? what is OBC? and do you recommend I use the TA for booking as a group even if I want to do the reception on the ship?
  14. Hi Catererbride I am also planning to get married in Bermuda. I see your post about some of the planners or caterers ripping people off. I'm having a hard time deciding which wedding planner I want to go with. You would be of much help if you can recommend one. I was thinking between Mr. Allister of Bermuda Bridal Suite, Chris from Select Sites Group, or Lara from Bermuda Bride. I know my post is late but I hope you can reply