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  1. Yes, our wedding coordinator was fantastic! She set up everything for the ceremony and reception (even though we already had a designated family member to help with this) and provided the baskets for the shoes. We just brought the sign. Hope this helps! Kia
  2. No, actually they do not allow you to ship anything directly to the resort (customs and all). They don't want you to hold them responsible if something doesn't make it through customs. I've heard of brides carrying their dress on the plane and putting it in the first class section. We were married in Dec.2012 at HRPC. I brought my dress in one of those carry-on bags made for a suit (a rolling suit bag). It folded up nicely and I was able to have it with me the entire trip without worrying about it being damaged/squashed in the overhead compartment or first class. My MOH brought a portable steamer and we just steamed out any wrinkles that the bag may have made. This was the less stressful option for me. Hope this helps! Kia
  3. Eliana, No we did not have enough nights. We were just short of 75 with 66 nights booked. But, we still chose to have a formal reception etc... on the Element Terrace. Let me know what specific questions you have, and I'll be glad to answer them. I know what it's like organizing/planning all of your wedding details from a distance, pretty stressful! Kia
  4. Hey, We were married at Hard Rock in Dec. 2012 and we had the International Buffet. It was very good, a nice selection and variety of meats/veggies etc.. Most importantly all of the food was hot and ready to eat! Hope this helps. Kia
  5. These photos are for KimmyB (and anyone else that is interested!). Sorry it's taken me so long to post them. We just returned from our honeymoon. Our wedding was on Isla Beach and we held our reception at the Element Terrace. Let me know if you need more info/pictures! .
  6. Well if you ask the Miami coordinators they will tell you that there is an extra cost to add flowers/sashes etc... to the complimentary collection. BUT, we were married at Hard Rock on 12/15/12 and brought our own decorations anyway. Luiciana was our wedding coordinator in Punta Cana and she was wonderful! She set up our ceremony site as we requested with our decor without extra cost. As others have said everyone at the resort is wonderful and goes out if their way to make sure that you are happy. Miami will always tell you "No" or "We can not guarantee..." but at the resort you will hear "Yes, it's our pleasure!"
  7. Well there are so many face book groups, glad that you found one that can help. Best of Luck!
  8. Oh, one more thing Tiffany095, You can also try YouTube if you're looking for pictures of set up etc... The Hard Rock website did not give me a good idea about locations, so I found several previous weddings held there on YouTube. A simple search such as "Hard Rock Punta Cana Wedding 2012," often brings many videos. Just a thought.
  9. Tiffany 095, Ok, not sure why it isn't coming up. It is a closed group, so you have to be accepted in, but it should still come up. I looked back in my post and realized that I forgot an /s/ at the end of "resort," but don't think that should make a difference. Again it is "All Palace Resorts Brides-Past and future. Anyone else a member of this group from this forum have any suggestions?
  10. Hi Ladies, If you check a few posts back I believe a bride posted many pictures from her recent wedding at HRPC. My wedding is Dec 15, 2012 at Hard Rock. I was also told by Miami that there are extra costs for family to assist in set up etc.. but I've also been told by past brides that once you arrive they are more than happy to accommodate you and it's not a big deal.
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