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  1. Congratulations. This is a very exciting time, good luck. My husband and I were married at the Now Sapphire July 6th 2012. As brides we all have our own vision of what we want and what will make us happy but it is all good. I hope my review helps you. I was having a flower girl and ring bearer so we needed a Resort that allowed children. I had a definite vision from flowers to center pieces and decorations. We did not want to have our ceremony in the sand because I had purchased Christian Louboutin very high shoes. We went to Mexico and visited the Now Sapphire, Now Jade, Iberostal Paraiso, the Fiesta Americana Condesa and Moon Palace. We had scheduled appointments, with each wedding consultant. They took us on a tour and we sampled the food. The Excellence Resort will treat you like royalty. My cousin was married there 2 years ago. It is adult only resort so it was not an option for us. The best food was at the Americana, Sapphire and Jade. Everybody at each resort were fantastic with one exception (the Iberostal) we ended that tour early because the wedding consultant was not interested in anything that was important to us. She had her own agenda. 1) MOON PALACE... is an enormous but beautiful resort. They were definitely willing to negotiate the pricing more than the others. This was very appealing to us. The ocean water was beautiful! However for us it had way too many weddings a day, (sometimes 6 a day). Where we would want the ceremony there was construction going on that would be visible. Also we were not looking for such huge resort. (be prepared to have your questions answered very slowly. They have people in Florida running the show) you only are able to interact with the resort itself is when you arrive.) 2) FIESTA AMERICANA CONDESA... beautiful and had decent pricing. Ocean water was beautiful, decent beach. The wedding consultant was great and she always answered our email question faster than any of the others. It just did not have the feel we were looking for. Food was Great. 3) IBEROSTAL was a wash for us. Aloof and had their own ideas, was not paying attention to anything we were saying. We ended the tour early and left. 4) NOW JADE...was beautiful, food was delicious, many restaurants to pick from. Not flexible on the cost. We had seriously considered the Jade. No place to have a reception to speak of. 5) THE NOW SAPPHIRE... for us, as soon as we walked in the resort it just took our breath away, we loved the openness, no matter where you were you are able to see all the beauty. Gorgeous without being all closed in. NOTE: When driving down the long road to the Resort you may think "get me out of here" but it is well worth taking a tour. ALSO: if the beach and swimming in the ocean is important to you this is definitely not the place. The water has tons of seaweed!!! The sand on the beach is gorgeous and soft, we had our welcome party on the beach. Food was delicious. It is a mid sized resort with plenty to do. The pool was outstanding with swim up bar and friendly bartenders. Waiters will take your drink orders and bring them to you if you are not at the swim up bar, nice plus. We loved the Bali beds, reserved one every day. NOTE: Sapphire is Pricey if going outside their wedding packages.. If you are not having many guests and the wedding packages fit your needs you will be fine. They do not negotiate much at all on price even though we were having 85 guests attending. We had to buy one of there wedding packages even though we did not need some things that were included. They would not credit us much in exchange. We wanted a riser for our little sweetheart table in the ballroom and they were going to charge us $500.00. We said forget it. We loved the layout and the grounds so much that it was worth it to us. It all depends on what is most important to you. I did get the wedding of my dreams! But we did hired our own wedding planner, photographer and flower/decorations vendor who took care of everything for me. They stayed in contact with Pelar the resorts wedding consultant and made all arrangements for me. I emailed pictures of my visions to them and They made my visions come to life. We live in San Diego, so the price would have tripled if we held our wedding there. It is all relative to your budget. As every bride knows they need to decide what is most important to them. That will help guide you with your decision. With the ocean in the background your wedding will Be beautiful no matter which resort you pick. GOOD LUCK and much happiness.
  2. Just Married July 6 2012, the NOW SAPPHIRE it is absolutely gorgeous. Our ceremony was on the terrace over looking the beach and Ocean. Our reception was in their air conditioned ball room. Everyone went out of their way to make things perfect. This is a small to medium resort. Small enough so you don't feel lost yet large enough to have some fun things to do. With 85 guests we felt like we had the resort to ourselves. They have 7 restaurants, a small pool which is private if you chose to go with a preferred package. The main pool is gorgeous and is huge. Swim up bar also an entertainment team that have water aerobics , spanish classes so much fun. The lay out of this resort is the very best in the area. You can ask for a shuttle to take you anywhere off the reort. The pictures on the Internet are exactly what you get and so much more. We have been too several different resorts in the area and this is our favorite. We hired a independent wedding planning team, which is not necessary. But Patricia and team were THE VERY BEST. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and their goal to make your every wish come true. Email patricia@weddingsincanun.com GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY PLANNING!
  3. Does anyone have contact information for Wendy Hicks? I am having a destination wedding and getting married in July 2012. We will have about 65 guests and need help with travel arrangements.
  4. How do I contact this company? I cannot find any contact information. I am getting married in July 2012 and desperate to find a professional and caring wedding planner/coordinator...
  5. I am so sorry to hear the horrific troubles you had with your WC. We just had to fire ours. Juliet from Destination Weddings.com is extremely Lazy and totally unprofessional. She had the nerve to tell us that we were taking all the fun out of it for her! Hello Juliet this is not your wedding. I guess we had the nerve to think we could actually ask questions and tell her what we wanted on our day. We are currently looking for a WC who is professional,honest and dedicated to make our day as care free and wonderful as possible. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
  6. This is a review of:

    NOW Sapphire Riviera Cancun

    Now Sapphire unknown Jewel

    Pros: The layout of this resort is breath taking. You see the beauty where ever you walk Staff go out of their way to be friendly, efficient and speedy.
    Cons: Pool steps are a bit dangerous. Some restaurants closed certain nights.
    Just married at the Now Sapphire July 6th 2012 in the evening. We had 85 guests attending. This is the most gorgeous resort we have been to in this part of the Cancun, Riviera Maya or Playa Del Carmen area. We have been to quite a few. The Service in every department was incredible. Always extremely pleasant and speedy. In the evening they have security riding around checking to see if people walking are OK, they have a radio type communication with each other that is always in their ear.
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