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    Any other 2013 Brides??

    Hello all 2013 brides! I just wanted to put it out there for anyone planning a wedding in Jamaica, that Rashel Edwards is now available for Feb. 6/2013 for hair and makeup. I had initially booked her and was very excited for her to work her magic on me and my bridesmaids, but due to some unfortunate circumstances I am no longer having a destination wedding. She does amazing work and if you are looking for someone you should defintely check her out (she has a facebook page).
  2. Attention all GBP Jamaica brides-to-be, especially those for 2013, make sure you contact the resort regarding the changes to their wedding packages and photographer policies. I was planning my wedding for Feb. 2013 at GBP Jamaica, and just as we received official pricing (which was more then what we planned, but were gonna go with it anyway) and we were about to book our trip and get invitations printed, I received some information from the resort regarding changes to their wedding packages and new photogrtapher policies. They now have black-out-dates for the Free Package from mid Jan. to mid Mar. when you cannot use this package and they now have set times that ceremony are done when you can use this package. For any outside photographers used at the resort for wedding pictures, you have to pay an $800 fee. After much debate and crunching of numbers, because of these changes and the cost being more then anticipated, I am sad to say I am no longer a GBP Jamaica bride and will not be having my destination wedding On the bright side, I get to marry my FI this November (sooner then planned) and we all of our friends and family I just want to say that everyone on this site/thread has been so wonderful and all information provided has been extremely helpful and I am not trying to discredit anything on here. Just be cautious as things change the resorts so be sure to stay in contact with your WC and keep all correspondce from them, and if you are unsure of anything make sure you ask questions! Take care all, Kim
  3. The make artist is Rashel Edwards and Fiona is her assistant that does hair. They are not through the resort, so it would be an outside vendor. I booked Rashel in December; she is very popular and does amazing work, so I wanted to make sure she had my date available as early as possible. You can see more of her work on Facebook, just search Rashel Edwards Makeup Artistry. Your best bet for pricing would be to contact her because I believe her pricing may have went up slighty for 2012, but it was really reasonable (about $625 for hair and makeup for myself and 3 BM). Her email is makeupartistry1@hotmail.com.
  4. Thanks so much for the review Tammy. Congrats to you and your new hubby on saying your I do's. So glad to hear that everything turned out just as you hoped. It think really helps put to the rest of us brides-to-be at ease (at least it does me anyway), knowing that everything can happen just as you dreamed of if you just have a little faith I have also booked Rashel and Fiona for hair and makeup and I am sooo excited that I did. You look absolutely stunning and your picture are wonderful, cannot wait to see more!
  5. As far as I am aware they do not privatize for anything less then 45 guests, which kinda sucks because if you do want to privatize a restaurant it is about $2500 and the Pisces is $1700. So if your paying that kind of money who cares how many guests you have. They do however offer the Dolce as a semi private space because it kinda has a room off to the side. I would suggest that you contact the WC at the resort because they seem to be making quite a few changes this year and who knows, they could have changed the policy on this too!! This site is wonderful and super helpful, but contacting the resort with your questions is you best bet to make plans for anything because then you also have your correspondence with them as evidence of what the quoted you for stuff.
  6. Thanks JayKay....I have an email out to the resort to check and my TA said he would see what he could find out too!!
  7. Question for the recent brides...I remember reading somewhere in the 342 pages here , that the resort does not have face clothes in the rooms. I this correct? I was at making some returns at Zellers today and noticed that they had B1G1 on some of their towels, face clothes, etc....came across some face clothes that were a 10pk for 4.97. We are figuring on having a fairly large group, so I grabbed 6-10pks, which ended up being 60 face clothes for about $16.00 that I can put in OOT/Welcome bags...SCORE!! But if the resort does have them, I'll just return them and keep my eyes peeled for other hot deals!
  8. Thanks for posting this!! It's going to work out great for my welcome books!!
  9. Kim Deslippe

    The night before.....???

    Glad this thread popped up, I've been kinda wondering how to work this tradition into our DW. We really have no preference either way ourselves, but our folks/friends have questioned what we plan to do. Our ceremony isn't until 4pm and I'm guessing that hair and makeup is going to start around lunch time, if not earlier, so we probably won't see much of each other the morning of anyway. Thinking that maybe we'll just stay together the night before, have breakfast with each other and then part ways until the ceremony. It's not like we don't have lots of time to figure it out, since our wedding is not until Feb. 6/2013 Great reading everyone else's thoughts on this though!
  10. Kim Deslippe

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    Love these shoes!!! They are the exact colour I am looking for but there a little bit too high for me or I'd be purchasing them too! The price is excellent as well!!
  11. Tori, everything looks so wonderful. You put so much thought and effort into all the planning and if definitely looks like it all paid off. The Majestic Colonial was our second choice if pricing didn't work out for GBP Jamaica, because like you I wanted something different then the usual. I'm glad you mentioned something about the blingy shoes catching on your dress because I kinda wondered about that as I search for my shoes. Congrats to you and your hubby!
  12. JayKay, your pictures are beautiful, you and your hubby look so happy!!
  13. Here is the email for the spa: spabpjam@bahia-principe.com If you send them a message they get back pretty quick.
  14. OMG, that is absolutely outrageous. I went through my emails from Donnalee/Chandlyn and I don't have any mention about pricing for photographers specifically because we are probably bringing ours as a guest (FI cousin) and not even telling them. I was quoted by Donnalee for having Rashel Edwards come in for hair/makeup, if she was staying through the wedding it would only be the cost of an additional guest per the wedding package chosen, so like $20 if we had the free package and if she was not staying for the day then there was no charge for her to come. So I don't see how the situation would be any different. Maybe try to get an email for the manager to clarify this and provide an explanation. Hope she doesn't try to pull anything like that with me, because I've kept all my emails from her and will gladly provide proof of what she quoted.