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  1. Thanks Ladies! Fatima said the reason my reception would be from 6 to 8 is because I am going with the paradise package and it only includes 2hrs of bar service, if I was to upgrade packages I would get 3hrs. But my sister is our photographer therefore, it is cheaper for us not to upgrade because my other extras including paying for addtional guests for the reception only adds up to $900 instead of paying $2199.00 for the upgraded package. If they let us stay on the terrace until 10:30 I would be happy as long as a bar is close to get drinks after the 2hrs. But paying for only 2hrs seems like a waste. I asked Fatima what we would do when the reception ends she said we could have a bonfire or go to the sports bar. Mllek I am not able to see your timeline it wont open for me:( Most of our guests will be involved with the pictures and the rest can go to a bar or do whatever until the reception. I am hoping that we can just extend the time when we are there but if we cant then not sure if I want to go ahead with the reception.. stressing me out a little lol What did you do for music at your reception and did you rent their sound system at the ceremony? Are extra lights for the reception necessary? Thanks again for your comments and help!!
  2. We are getting married Feb 13th I need your help with the timeframe for the events, please let me know if the times I picked will work or if I should make some adjustments to accomodate my guests hair: 11am ceremony at the gazebo: 3pm reception Las Palmas Terrace: 6pm Also I need some insite about the reception we are going with the paradise package and adding on the reception 47 guests at 45$ each... however Fatima said that we would only have 2hrs of bar service does that mean we have to leave the terrace at 8pm or we can stay without being served drinks. Seems like alot of money to spend for only 2hrs when I was hoping we could stay there drink, dance and celebrate! Please help?!?!?!?!? As for the cake and champange after the ceremony I have to spend extra for all the guests is it worth it? Also the flowers is it easy and cheaper to order off the resort? Thanks, Heather
  3. February 13 2012!!! Departing from Calgary on the 9th...
  4. b gardner, We are from Alberta and getting married February 13, 2011!! We also have 40+ guests attending, the ceremony is on Oceana Beach as for the reception I have asked told wedding coordinator (Fatima) that "We are wanting to meet at a restaurant shortly after the wedding and asked if they required notification that my group will be coming?" She responded: " Yes, I will let you know the Monday before your wedding the restaurants that will be open so you can have a set menu." I am in the process of confirming with her that there will not be a charge for this "set menu" ... From your understaning will it be no charge to gather at a resturant after the wedding??? I feel that since everyone is paying all inclusive we should not have to pay to have supper together the evening of our wedding! I am awaiting her response. Just don't want any surprise charges by doing the reception this way. Like your idea of offering to tip the resturant. I feel that people eating at the resturant will not mind moving to accomodate us, lets hope. We are also having the paradise package and bringing an ipod with songs for the reception using their Sound system with microphone and Ipod dock for a charge of $100 per hour. I am thinking of bringing my own gauze to decorate and add a little the palm arch. We are also having a bon fire and really like your idea of bringing our own speakers, cant see why that wouldn't work! I am sure your plan will turn out to be wonderful!!! Good Luck, Heather