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  1. Definitely not. I'll be writing up a full review this week- the wedding was a wonderful time, but every single person in our group was sick with vomiting and diarrhea for the entire week. EVERYONE. And it definitely wasn't due to overindulgence of alcohol! One of our groomsmen was so sick, he had to leave right after the ceremony and we didn't see him for the rest of the night. Could just have been the sun, maybe too much food, maybe the ice cubes, who knows? But everyone felt awful. Do yourself a favour and pack LOTS of Imodium! It actually became the running joke of the week. Whenever someone was missing, we knew they were in the can Kristen
  2. We did it!!! Just settled into Paradisus La Perla for our honeymoon Here are a few sneak peeks from our photog )))[/img][/img][/img][/img][/img]
  3. Sitting at the airport, waiting to board! Can't even believe its here already, I'm going to be so depressed when we get back LOL!
  4. Sitting at the airport, waiting to board. I cant even believe its here already!!
  5. OMG. leaving in 5 days. and 3 people just cancelled!! That really messes with my life right now, I need to re-do the seating chart and move some other people around now, grrrrrrrrrr. No fault of theirs, Ant's cousin dislocated his shoulder and now has to go in for surgery, so his wife doesn't feel right coming without him. and his grandmother was coming b/c she couldn't stay home alone while they came, so she is bailing too. such a giant pain in my a** right now never mind that. leaving in FIVE days!! so much to do still, mostly just packing. Once I get that organized, I will feel better. Right now, i'm stressing about writing our my daughter's schedule for my parents, as they are flying back with her and staying at our place while we honeymoon. It's funny how all the things us moms do are just second nature, but when you write it all down....sheesh we are underpaid!!! Kristen
  6. eeeeeek! HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!
  7. We're trying! Packed up all the "wedding" stuff, decor etc. and I've gotten most of our daughter's stuff packed. I still need to pack for myself, and I need to grab a few things still. I cannot even believe how fast time is going! Where are you honeymooning again? We'll be at the Paradisus la Perla from the 27th to Jun 3rd
  8. Finally got FI's gift finished: Something Old- an autographed Maple Leafs puck, Johnny Bower. Whoever the heck that is Something New- Michael Kors aviators Something Borrowed- my great grandfather's pocket watch Something Blue - Kool Aid mix for the Sodastream he's been yapping about for a year, which will be waiting for him at home Whew, one more item off the list!
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