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  1. Thank you Skygirl. 2 weeks away, very exciting!!!! ok so the ceremony is suppose to be 20 minutes long, cocktail is 1 hour, a 30 mins recess and 3 hours reception. My did not exactly went in that time frame. My ceremony was supposed to start at 6pm but got delay b/c some of my guests were late. Not happy at all!! TIP: emphasize as much as possible to your guests to be there before the start of the ceremony. We were delay about 20-30 minutes. It got dark around 7pm. I was not able to take pics outside b/c it was so dark. I don't know at what time is your ceremony, that would play a factor. Who is your WC? @Inga Merci is a sweetheart. I got to meet her and she helped me with a few things. She will definitely do anything to make your day special, all of them will. Patient is a key element in a destination wedding. Best of luck girls and enjoy every moment b/c it does go by fast.
  2. Hi everyone, Congratulations to all the brides. I got married about a month ago in Now and it was great. I had Francina as my coordinator and she was amazing. Everyone in the Resort was super friendly. My wedding was supposed to be on the beach but because there was a tropical storm we had to change location and had the ceremony at Eclipse. It actually turn out to be really nice. I selected the Divine Package, it was the best choice for me. No regrets. They steam my dress and it came out perfect. If any of your guest use laundry service, if they need to steam or iron their outfit make sure that they DO NOT PUT DRY CLEAN, dry clean gets send out to another facility and takes longer. If is done in the hotel they will have it back within 24 hours. I used the hotel DJ and MC and they were great. We all love the MC, he was really fun. The DJ was great too and you and your guest can request songs. The hotel photographers were really good but they are very expensive. For the extra photos, outside of what's included, is $15 per photo and you get it on a CD. I contracted Huellas del Caribe, they were great!! I highly recommend them. They did my photos and video. This is the link to my wedding photos: www.hdcphoto.com click on customer access username: isauraandsamuel password: nowlarimar I did my hair and makeup in the hotel salon and she was great. I told her how I wanted my make up and she did it just like I asked. If you know what you want for your hair, just take them a pic and they will do it exactly how you want it. I loved my bouquet, I was just sad that I couldn't bring it back to the States. I only tasted my cake, it taste good. It was too bad I didn't get to eat it I didn't get to eat my dinner either, I only taste it, but all my guest said it was delicious. Everyone enjoy the food and the desserts. I have one advice that was given to me by Francina and Mercy, things will happen and you can not always control it but you can control your attitude about it. It rain on my wedding day and it was windy, I had to change the location the day of the wedding and that was only one thing out of like 10 things that did not went the way I plan but I did not let nothing or no one ruin my day. At the end of the day is about you and your fiancé. Is about celebrating your love and your union. That is whats important, nothing else. FYI: summer brides especially August, is hurricane season which means rain, tropical storm. Keep that in mind. Try not to stress, I know that is hard but things will fall in its place and many time things happen for a reason. Just always remember whats important. Wish you all the best and congratulations!!!
  3. ok will do. Thank you!! your centerpiece are very beautiful!! Can I ask, did you use the hotel DJ and if you did where you satisfied with their service?
  4. Bride 2 B congratulations on your wedding!!!!! what do you guys think of the resort? and the most importantly the service.
  5. vizionme101, congratulations!! you look gorgeous!! Thank you for this post. I also have gone through Claribel/Mercy to Christina to now Francina. Francina seems really nice, is good to hear that she will do anything to make your day great. I am a bit nervous about the weather, my ceremony is suppose to be on the beach. What happens if you sign the waiver and it rains?
  6. Bride2B that is great that they were able to sort that out. I'm 5 weeks away and Cristina was my coordinator. I been nervous because I haven't heard from them in 3 weeks but I am taking deep breath and trying not to stress, lol. I wish a fun and safe trip. Enjoy every moment and congratulations!!
  7. I was given the same locations but I was not told that the club is only up to 9pm. That's were I was planning to have my reception. I'm going to have to call them because that will not work for me . My ceremony is at 6pm.
  8. July 14,2012 Bride2B August 4, 2012 Mayrose October 6, 2012 Kitvb28 October 8, 2012 - Skygirl October 19, 2012 - Kendall10-19-12 November 5, 2012 - MandyCross November 3, 2012 - SuzzMF January 24, 2013 - NowBride2013
  9. Thank you so much for sharing. I saw your pics in shutterfly and you look amazing. Your entire wedding looked amazing. Congratulations!!!!! I love the welcome bag, I am looking for something like that. Do you mind sharing where you got it?
  10. Val and Sarah, thank you for taking the time to post your reviews and share your pictures. you both look gorgeous. About arriving 3 days before, to be honest I also thought it was only for legal weddings. Acutie, I know you are stress, I would be too. But tomorrow is your night out. For tomorrow, forget about the wedding, and everything and just enjoy your night out. Don't let this ruin it. I am pretty sure everything will work out. I would definitely call the hotel directly on Monday if you didn't spoke to them today. Good luck!! kitvb28, I am planning to use Huellas del caribe, this is their webpage www.hdcphoto.com. They list their prices on their page. I would also like to do a rehearsal dinner but I am not sure if I want to pay for the dinner. For now, I am just planning for everyone to meet at the bar the night before the wedding. Just to hang out. Some of my friends and family want to go zip line. Going to see if I plan that. Other than that, don't know what else to do or plan for everyone. Good luck everyone with your planning
  11. July 21st, 2012 - Vizionme101 August 4, 2012 - Mayrose October 6, 2012 Kitvb28 October 8, 2012 - Skygirl October 19, 2012 - Kendall10-19-12 November 5, 2012 - MandyCross November 3, 2012 - SuzzMF
  12. Hi Sarahgn4t, I just went to the hotel website and you are right, they have added a lot more information. I was in shock, I am glad they updated their wedding page. You got the sparklers through DJ Mania? I already have a DJ, my FI cousin does DJ on the side and agreed to DJ at our wedding. Can I have their contact info, I would like to have sparklers but threw that idea out the window b/c I did not know how to get it there w/o getting arrested lol!!! Don't worry, Dominican hairdresser are really good, but it doesn't hurt to have a back up plan just in case. I understand your anxiety, I am hoping to not go over $10,000. I am not sure where you are but having the wedding in DR is way more cheaper than having the wedding where I live. My understanding of the dinner is, if is 50 ppl or less you can have a plated dinner and not a buffet. The only thing with the plated dinner is that you can only choose one food from each category. I can not do a plated dinner b/c we are all picking eaters Your reception on the beach is going to be beautiful. I originally wanted my reception on the beach, under the stars. Don't know why I am changing the location to the open air restaurant. I would not pay extra for another hour, $1000??!!! that's way too much. Go to the bar and their disco, it could be an after party. That's what I am going to do. Remember is included in you room rate, take advantage. Don't worry you are not being a downer, you just want everything to be great and memorable. I have had a few nervous breakdown and I am still 6 months away. I know is going to be perfect, at the end of the day you are marrying the person you love and you are sharing this moment with your family and friends. Don't let no one or nothing ruin it. I can not wait to hear all about it, have fun, enjoy every moment and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Let me know how was HDC b/c I think I am going to book them. I have read great reviews about them. Enjoy DR, it truly is a special place. At least for me it is
  13. are you having a symbolic wedding or renewing your vows? I am having a symbolic wedding, getting married in April and that I know you do not need to show any documentations.
  14. Alana H, I got an email from my WC and the hotel send us pics of the flowers that are available. They also send me prices for extra services. I am new at this forum so I do not know how to post it but if you send me your email I can send you the information they send me. The same goes for any bride that would like the information. Have a good weekend
  15. Hi Dominican Ally Congratulations!!!! Punta Cana is gorgeous, i was there a few years ago, about 3 years, and I loved it. I loved it so much that I change my wedding location from Puerto Plata to Punta Cana. I never been to La Romana but I have heard wonderful things. I am not sure if you been to DR but if you haven't my suggestion is to go to both Dreams and Now. Even though I been to Punta Cana I didn't stay in Now or its sister properties. Is hard to decide on a place you never even seen. If you go to the hotel website you can get a rough estimate on the room rates. I don't know about the flight because I am in NY. However I did notice with your dates that it might fall on holy week/Easter Sunday. Flight might be expensive. I think Easter falls on March 31, 2013 Sorry for the long post, hope I was helpful. Take care Mayrose
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