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  1. The restaurants don't take reservations and because of the amount of people you have I would recommend going through the WC to secure a space for this many people, although it will cost you $15/pp to do so. I would say if you just try and go there with 25 people it won't be very likely to sit together or even for all of you to get in with other guests staying at the resort. I would say if you had around 10-12 it would be fine. The restaurants and just like normal where you go and put your name down if there is a wait and these restaurants aren't huge. But I will say Portofino was my favorite restaurant of them all and then Bordeux. Good luck!
  2. They never stopped us or his parents whom were carrying our stuff. I would just have your receipts and honestly you will be fine. It's going to be amazing!!!
  3. Rach- I think you will be fine with 3:30; however i didn't spend a ton of time taking pictures so the sunlight was just perfect. If you are worried and want to be 100% fine I would suggest 3pm. However, I'm not sure what time of year the sun switches back to setting not so early. As far as the guestbook and escort cards I just gave Gina the stuff and asked her to set it up on a table for me, they are the ones who did the rocks and put the starfish in the little box container with sand for me. They are really good about setting up the reception perfectly and incorporating all of your things. I rented the table cloths from the resort as I didn't want to travel with anymore then I had to.
  4. Yes, you get the Dreams Eternity Honeymoon package and your room will be honeymooned too!!! I didn't do the dinner on the beach as our schedule got packed with other things but we definitely took advantage of all the spa service that were included in the Ultimate and Honeymoon package When you get there you can just go to the spa and schedule these as they should have all the information in their system with regards to what you get included in your packages.
  5. Yes, I had my disk back the day I left Mexico to come back home so a little less then a week after our wedding. I saw her running around the resort with other brides so I know she was really busy when we were there so this may have something to do with it.
  6. Savs- I would suggest bringing a CD or downloading your songs on your IPAD or IPOD, I downloaded the ceremony music just in case and he just used the IPAD and made a list of the songs and when to play for his reference for the ceremony. My suggestion would be if you haven't already just make sure you confirm with him or let your WC know that you would like the DJ to do your ceremony. You are right around the corner!!! You are going to have a fantastic time
  7. I finally got my slideshow back from Anel for my wedding that took place on 11/11/2012; I posted a review a while back. However, the thing I did notice was that she made the slideshow out of several pictures we choose NOT to keep and I thought it was going to be of the 150 we choose. Either way not a big deal, but the only bummer is you can't download any pictures from the slideshow http://111112moloney.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/ Also, our timing on the days events just in case anyone is curious so you know how much sunlight you are working with: Ceremony 3pm Cocktail 5pm Reception 6-9pm
  8. I don't believe the additional price per guest is different depending on the location you choose, I think it's all the same for the "wedding" reception dinner. And Yes, the tablecloth rentals start at $18 per table but the ones I choose which were just a plain gathered type turquoise color were $35 a piece. I would say the cocktail hour was a great time and a different change of scenery as most of your guests will have probably already been do the beach or lobby bar. I had a break between the wedding and cocktail hour and most ppl went to the lobby bar but they were definitely hungry for apps and ready for the drinks. It was a great time. Also, with the cocktail hour you will have a more intimate feel and like its a private party as other people will be around at the beach bar. These are just my opinions though and I totally understand wanting to cash it in to put it toward something else.
  9. I would say with your wedding being so far out it will take time to get your quotes back and questions answered. I know its difficult especially when you are trying to work within a budget. I'm not sure what you are asking for a quote on but for a different bouquet or centerpieces I would say to budget on the higher side if you aren't picking from their catalog. Good price for centerpieces is 130 each and then for bouquet from 150-200; this all depends on what you are looking for. Also, there is a PDF you can download from their online site that lists all other prices for additional things not included in your package.
  10. My wedding was at 3pm and I had 3 of us for hair and makeup and the other 2 just hair; the appts started at 11:30 and we had like a little over an hour left between finish and ceremony. I would say if you email them and tell them how many people you have and what they are having done and what time you want to be done at they will schedule accordingly.
  11. I had the technician use my IPAD and also brought down the music on a CD just in case something happened. So, I would say either of the ones listed above will work for you. And yes, I actually had the DJ do my ceremony music too so when I met with him prior to the wedding I told him what song was for what and he played them all perfectly. Also, if you have the DJ for the ceremony it wasn't extra, just a tid bit of info.
  12. Savs and Upcoming Brides and Future Brides: So I just got back from our wedding and I know there was a couple things I told you that after having our wedding there I would let you know. However, I'm drawing a blank right now. But I know your wedding and other December 2012 brides are right around the corner so any questions you may have please let me know. Here are a couple things for upcoming brides to think about in terms of timing: -Sun sets at 5:30 sharp, but the pool is more or less shaded around 4:30 pm -Our ceremony was at 3pm with cocktail 5pm and dinner 6pm- I thought these were great times and left us picture time in between with lighting and the sunset -We had the cocktail at the North Jacuzzi- Great Spot -Reception- Pool Deck- loved the ambiance but the only complaint I have is that it was extremely windy on our day and all the sand from the beach was blowing up and getting all over us and in our eyes. If they would put up some sort of clear shield thing in between it would help but after some drinks people didn't mind at all. -Rehearsal Dinner- We reserved 10 ppl at Bourdex, but to be honest its not that necessary unless the resort is super packed as we were able to sit 12 people another night at the Portofino with no problem. -Food: All the restaurants on the resort were GREAT, our favorite was Portofino as there are just sooo many choices on the menu and you really can't go wrong with any of them. Photographer- We had Anel- she is absolutely amazing to work with and her pictures turned out well. Will post slide show once I have it. DJ- Cesar- he got the party started and we didn't sit down the whole night. This was money well spent!! Spa- My hair and make-up turned out great, I did take a picture with me for my hair and they did it exactly like the picture. However, some of the others in my group did not and just described to the girls what they wanted and they all turned out awesome. Overall- The DREAMS Riviera is by far the best All Inclusive Resort in terms of food, service, cleanliness and just everything all together that I have every been to. I'm soo happy I choose to have our wedding here. The only downfall is that the resort is very Family oriented (more kids then expected) but you get used to it after a day or so. So, those of you who have choosen this resort for your upcoming wedding and are stressing about the non responses from the wedding coordinators, TRUST ME AND DON'T WORRY!! They are extremely busy and will have everything organized once you meet with them and it will all turn out perfectly I'm type A and had to trust past reviews that the coordinators had it together and stop stressing and I'm so glad I did as they really do have all your info in a folder ready to go and make your day come true! Best of Luck to all future Brides out there and CONGRATS!!!
  13. So I found the attached from a previous email she had sent me. A MARRIAGE OF 2.doc COMMENTS BEFORE STARTING THE CEREMONY.doc SAND CEREMONY.doc The keyS to love.doc The keyS to love.doc MARRIAGE VOWS 3.doc
  14. I believe there are multiple versions of ceremony scripts that Linda offers, so my suggestion would be to reach out to her for the various options before you make your programs. When she sent me over some options she only sent not even 1/2 and I had seen others and when asking her about the other options she just scheduled a meeting to pick them.
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