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  1. The deck The deck is amazing! It's level with the beach, right behind the waterfall from the infinity pool. You get all the great ocean views without having to worry about dancing in the sand/ sand in your food.
  2. I used the spa and had reservations about the service quality as well. I am very fair and was concerned that they wouldn't have colors light enough for me - I'm glad I decided to bring my own stuff because they didn't! Overall they did a great job, I was just very picky about how they should use the products. The best decision I made regarding makeup was getting eyelash extensions before I left - they make such a difference in pictures and look great for about 2 weeks
  3. We got married at DRC on 3-4-12!! It was amazing!! Yamina was our coordinator. She really knows her stuff. Don't be worried that she doesn't get back to you right away, besides having to know the numbers for your meal choices, she could organize an amazing wedding in under an hour. No Joke. We did a first look at the spa at 3pm, got married on the north beach at 4pm with group photos after, had our cocktail reception at the jacuzzi's at 5pm and our reception on the deck at 6pm. We brought all of our own flowers (I made the bouquet, boutineer and centerpieces of balsa flowers) so Yamina was kind enough to add a beautiful flower arrangement on the huppa. I also made hanging escort cards (I was worried about paper ones blowing away) and she was kind enough to provide a beautiful manzanita branch tree to hang them on. She also arranged to get us a tequila bottle for our "message in a bottle" guest book and took the time to pick one that coordinated with our colors. Most of the Hair/Makeup artists at the spa don't speak english, so you'll definitely want to bring pictures of what you want. As for makeup, they did a good job at the application, but the materials are very very limited. When I inquired about the makeup they offered (airbrush, liquid etc) they told me they have everything but when I arrived at the spa, they had no idea what an airbrush was? They couldn't tell me what brand of makeup, what it was made of etc. Also, as a very very fair skinned girl, they closest color they had for me was 3-5 shades darker than my skin. Luckily I had done my research and brought my own -- I went with makeup forever's hd foundation (great for photos) and had a makeup artist at mac pick out a pallet of matte eyeshadows to use. I had to bring my own primer and finishing powder as well. I got eyelash extensions so I wouldn't have to apply mascara for the week (since my lashes are white) but you definitely want to bring your own mascara as they don't use a disposible wand. If you're willing to bring all the materials you need they'll do a great job, I was really pleased with my makeup and only had to touch up once. We used Anel with Adventure Photography. She is AMAZING. It was incredibly hard to choose only 150. We also opted to hire the photobooth through them as well -- it was so much fun! Here's a link to our slideshow. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. http://040312fawson.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/fawson-1/
  4. Right now there is a promo going on that is book 6 rooms and get a credit for one room. Also, after you book 10 rooms you get one VIP upgrade - not sure what VIP means exactly though. most of the promos aren't valid on busy weekends during high season though, so if you're wedding is on may/June you might not be able to get a discount.
  5. Hey Farnaz and Alex- We're getting married the day after you!! Are you as ill prepared as I? I haven't picked anything other than the beach and the reception site lol. I'm sure we'll figure it out when we get there 3/3/2012 Farnaz and Alex.....Will anyone else be there?!? 3/4/2012 Faeriesxist83 (shelly and Jim) 3/18/2012 William and Kate 4/21/2012 Ankswt03 (Amanda and Jeremy) 5/12/2012 Dimplesandsuga 5/21/2012 CKNMVS 5/23/2012 Aimeelaco28 5/24/2012 weddingprincess (Shannon & Brad) 6/3/2012 Mrskatieperry (Katie and PJ) 6/9/2012 Ssapper 6/18/2012 juliej84 (Julie and Ash) 7/28/2012 Mnunez 8/7/2012 Nj2012 (Nikki & Joe) 8/10/12 Annie & Jon 8/24/2012 Sarah-Jane (Sarah and James) 9/1/2012 Cbandemer (Colleen & Brian) 11/19/2012 melinmontana (Melissa and Kael) 12/01/12 Mcree (Christy and Brian) 12/17/2012 Savs1027 (Savanah and John) 4/27/2013 Vika Yakovleva (Vika & Anthony) 5/3/2013 Kthorpe
  6. 2/24/2012 Bud and Jackie 2/25/2012 Mariah and Jens 3/4/2012 faeriesxist83 (shelly and Jim) 3/18/2012 William and Kate 3/24/2012 Eric and Tracie 4/21/2012 Ankswt03 (Amanda and Jeremy) 4/22/2012 SweetMelissa (Melissa & Nick) 4/22/2012 Ariane1126 (Tessa and Ryan) 5/12/2012 Dimplesandsuga 5/16/2012 Corio342 (Corey and Andrew) 5/21/2012 CKNMVS 5/23/2012 Aimeelaco28 5/24/2012 weddingprincess (Shannon & Brad) 6/3/2012 Mrskatieperry (Katie and PJ) 6/9/2012 Ssapper 6/14/2012 torilvv12 (Victoria & Yura) 6/18/2012 juliej84 (Julie and Ash) 6/30/2012 rachallen18 (Rachel & Allen) 7/20/2012 LindseyM (Lindsey & Kevin) 7/28/2012 Mnunez 8/4/12 Kip and Kate (RollerBride) 8/7/2012 Nj2012 (Nikki & Joe) 8/10/12 Annie & Jon 8/24/2012 Sarah-Jane (Sarah and James) 9/1/2012 Cbandemer (Colleen & Brian) 9/2/2012 Ktcblue2012 (Kariane & Nathan) 11/19/2012 melinmontana (Melissa and Kael) 12/17/2012 Savs1027 (Savanah and John) 4/27/2013 Vika Yakovleva (Vika & Anthony) 5/3/2013 Kthorpe
  7. For programs, I think it depends on how many people you have and how close they are. If it's all family that knows each other it seems unnecessary but if I'm at a wedding where I don't know the mob or sob's name etc, sometime it's a good cheatsheet that guests can refer to.
  8. Has anyone had a private reception in one of the restaurants? our numbers are getting closer to 40 and it looks like it might be an option! Does anyone know the differences in menus? It seems like it's 35per head for the restaurant and 48 per head for an outside reception , but I'm guessing that's because that requires more of a setup? are there any cons to a restaurant reception? My mom is worried about guests being too cold by the beach and thought it might be a little more sheltered from the wind.
  9. I'm not crazy about the flower options they sent - they're all very similar with some combination of roses, cali lili, paradise or daisies? Does anyone know if they offer more options when you get there? or if there are other flowers they'll use? thanks!
  10. Does anyone have the menu options (veggie options too if possible) ? They were supposed to be sent with the other stuff but I think they forgot to attach them. Thanks!
  11. I went through the adventure photos website - contact them and request Anel. She'll send you an email through the dreams resort asking you to pick a package and put down a deposit or pay in full. If you pay in full now, you get to pay the 2011 rates instead of being charged the 2012 rates! The package only comes with 1 hour of coverage: 30 mins for ceremony and 30 mins for a photo shoot so I opted for the full day package for $999 plus 11% tax. -shelly
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