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  1. The music has to stop because of the noise and neighbors.. but even after the music went off they let us stay and hang out and drink and drink and drink..
  2. We did not use lighting. Annie’s restaurant provides nice soft lighting that you can see in the attached pictures. The hotel placed lights around the food so it was pretty bright in that area. Also the photographers and the videographer had their lights. We did have a lot of candles. It’s hard to tell in the pictures but it really was just enough light, to us anyway, lol. For food we did lobster, steak and tarragon chicken. Lobster was a big hit with everyone. I loved it! everyone said the steak was very tender. (we don’t eat red meat) I did the tarragon chicken because I figured it was a neutral meal. Everyone also said it was very good including our picky son. I did not have it for the wedding but I loved the curried chicken. The jerk chicken and pork are also delicious. The put sauce to the side so you can make it hotter for those who really love their jerk hot hot hot. Our outside guests stayed at the RIU and the Banana Shout.. we had friends who own a home in Jamaica in Ocho Rios and did not want to make the drive back after the wedding. The front desk staff actually recommended the Banana shout and made the reservations for them. They were happy with the arrangements. Our outside guests did not leave until after 1am, and it was their choice, no one told them it was time to go. They hotel is really very accommodating! Have fun planning wed pics.docx
  3. Hi Kleonne06 Congratulations!! Glad everything turned out great for you! It really is hard to explain to everyone just how amazing Moon Dance really is. I know some say it’s expensive, but it’s SO WORTH IT!
  4. Hi Mocha Hontas We also used Sun Gold, but we had Paula and Damian. We were just married so we have not seen the pictures yet… But they were a dream to work with. We were a very non traditional couple. We got dressed together and walked down the isle together. Paula and Damian made it work and had great ideas for photos. We used Roxroy. Also great to work with. I have read other reviews about him taking a long time to get you the finished product as whiggrrl mentioned. But after they received their video they all said they were happy with the results. At our Welcome BBQ we had a steel drum band that was great. Dont know their name. they were recomended by Kerry. We used Floral Fantasies for flowers. Rose was very helpful and patient. If you go to their web page they have lots of pictures to get an idea of what your looking for. We picked a tall cylinder with white orchards floating in water. We choose to go with red napkins and tables cloths (Kerry arranged) so the white flower stood out and was very inexpensive. We had Front Page Band. The band was great as I mentioned in other post, but not really for our group. We did not do a cake. We just added an extra dessert from the Moon Dance menu for an extra $2 a person. Enjoy your planning!
  5. Hi Nicky & Michael No we did not need a tent. When we booked it did say that we would. The hotel really watches the weather very closely. As I mentioned above the bride that married after us had a rainy day, but they waited to the last min. to set up and it turned out perfect. We got married on Tuesday and it was perfect weather. It seems like they keep it on standby just in case it does rain. I think they would only charge you if it actually rained at the time your reception was scheduled.
  6. Dlh316 You won’t be disappointed! It really is a phenomenal place. The staff is exceptional! Have fun planning.
  7. LMC1 I can’t say for sure because I never asked what the band name was during the reception. I did ask Kerri to recommend a band and she said the band was booked through Moon Dance and it was “Front Page Bandâ€. So I assume thats who they were lol. I did not have to put a deposit for them. Other brides had written reviews and loved them. And they were good, just not what we were looking for. Did you ask for a sample of their music? Also be specific about what you want played. We never really said what we wanted them to play. The DJ was the house DJ. Just communicate exactly what songs or types of music you want played.
  8. Kleonne06 We went with the band. They were great… great for dinner…. After dinner everyone was ready to dance but they kept it very mellow and Americanized. Meaning they sang a lot of older songs like My Girl, Unchained Melody, etc. The most upbeat song was HOT HOT HOT. They did play my first dance song and they did a fabulous job. After their 3 house set a house DJ took over. They were ok, but a friend of ours actually took his lap top and took over. I can’t say they were bad, because they were not, they just did not fit my crowd. Everyone still had fun, so it did not affect the reception. And they let us party until 1am with the music. Kept the bar open until 2 or 3. We did do a fire dancer and it was entertaining. He got the crowed involved and it was only about 20 min. We also did Cuban and Jamaican cigars. That was a big hit. And we did wish lanterns. They take your group down the cliffs to set them off. It really was beautiful. YES YES YES, it was HOT!!!!!!!!! Not really humid, just hot. You would think being Cliffside there would be a breeze but there was not. We were there for 10 days. It rained everyday in the afternoon. But not long. It moved in and out. It never affected us - we stayed in the pool, walked around etc. We had a welcome BBQ on Sunday night. About an hour in it stared to rain. They moved the entire party, food tables, steel drum band into the lobby within 10 min. It stopped within a half hour but we were fine in the lobby. A couple got married the Saturday after us. The staff watched the weather, waited to the last min to set everying up so nothing would be wet. Everything turned out perfect for her. You would have never even known it rained earlier. All I can say is don’t worry about a thing because the staff bends over backwards for you. Kerri is the best!
  9. Hi Kleonne06 and LMC1 We returned Sunday and all I can say is Amazing! You will both be beyond pleased with your weddings. Kleonne06 I know you said you booked the Catamaran, I have to tell you it was one of the most fun things we did. Side note - you have to walk into the water waste high to get onto the boat. Some people were dressed and we did not know that we had to walk into the water. No one really cared once we got started. LMC1, if no one was at the bar they did close at 11. But if you have a bunch of people there they do stay open later for you. They have plenty of liquor in the villas so you won’t have to worry. Also my guests said the room key holders were the best! The staff is absolutely amazing. We had 65 people and they knew every guest by name. Good Luck next week Kleonne06!
  10. Hi LMC1, 9 months is going to go so fast! We planned a year in advance so we tried to send post card every few months, just to keep it fun. One was at Christmas time with a beach picture that said just think in 265 days you will be basking in the warmth of the Jamaican sun... A card that said hot hot hot with Chile peppers on it and we wrote July in Jamaica is hot so please dress comfortable and casual.... Another one said What Happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica.... Reading other posts they seem To stock up the villa bars for you. I will let you know. We have one couple staying at RUI. They picked it so I don't really know the cost. We also had someone book a private home. If I can figure out how to attach a picture I will show you the room key holders.. Lol
  11. Thats Great! I will let you know how it goes when we return. Zip Lining should be so much fun with a group! I know its very close to your date, and I am not sure if you did room key holders, but I had small business cards printed that say: Room Key and Money Holder I take this handy pouch, to have and to hold my key and my tip money from poolside to barstool for sauced or for sober in day and in night until I depart jamaica. (got the saying from anotehr bride on this site) I placed them in a little water proof plastic container I got from avon to hold rooms keys and stuff. I had to print 100 but only needed 35. If you need anything like that I would be happy to send them to you . (for free) Keep saying I am going to post them on this site in the buy sell and trade area but I never get a chance. Anyway if your interested let me know I can send you a picture. the back says Jamaica 2012
  12. We booked Moon Dance through Destination Weddings and had no problems. We even received a free night for watching a Webinar on Moon Dance with Destination Weddings. Maybe contact them yourself and ask if there is a problem with using an agent. . They seem to pride themselves on their reputation so I am sure they would discuss the issue with you. I have seen the owner personally respond to complaints on the trip advisor web site. LMC1 I agree about the cost. But we look at it like it not just a day, we will be there for 10 days. We leave in 15 days! Cant wait….
  13. I totally understand! We live on Long Island, and I have said many times over the last year we have paid what we would have paid to have a wedding here. But I keep telling myself its not just one day, we will be there for 10 days. We did not think many people would go because it was expensive, but we gave them a years notice and we ended up with 65 people going. Our decision was based on the fact that we would basically be the only people there. There are so many places to choose from, I am sure you will find one that you love. Good Luck!
  14. Hi ShaeShae18, There are 22 hotel rooms, and 4 villas. ( two 1 bedroom villas and a 4 bedroom and a 5 bedroom. All of the reviews I have seen for Moon Dance are fantastic. Good luck choosing your location! I will be there in less than a month!!!!
  15. Hi Kleonne6, I am getting married right before you on July 17,2012. I dont know what your budget is but we are doing a cruise. Kerry from Moon dance said it takes you down by Ricks and you can watch the cliff jumpers, you can snorkel off the back of the boat, and they party on the way back to the hotel. Its 50pp plus 10% tax. I have seen others in this thread who have done beach trips and also trips to Ricks Cafe. But I dont think you have to worry about people being bored. I sure everyone will enjoy the hotel itself.
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