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  1. Hi All, I posted a few weeks ago about not having received my dress from shades of pale....well, I did not receive it in time for my wedding. I finally went out and bought another dress two days before we left. We just got home yesterday and while everything worked out in the end and we had an amazing week, the whole dress experience was extremely stressful. The last communication I received from shades of pale was 2 weeks before we left with final pictures and they said it would ship the next day. I didn't hear from them again, even though I emailed them 4 times over the next two weeks. I didn't pay the remainder and didn't get any confirmation of shipping. Delivery was attempted with my dress while we were away, but I STILL have not heard from shades of pale. I told them my wedding date was April 28th (the day we left) and that I wanted it by the middle of March. I would suggest to everyone to lie about when your wedding is to give ample time to receive it. I had not heard or read anything like that prior to ordering my dress in December. I'm going to pick up my dress this week and I'll post pictures when I do.
  2. No, I haven't received any pictures yet. That doesn't help...I feel like they just started my dress or something!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. See2Bee512, you were smart! I should have definitely done the same. I just hope I receive it earlier than 2 days before we leave. I finally got an email from Shades of pale today, but all it said was it is almost ready. At least I heard from them though.
  4. Yes I know. Obviously I would contact them first! I've emailed them multiple times but am getting no response. They are usually good at getting back to me, but the last time I heard from them was March 29.
  5. Has anyone heard from shades of pale recently? My wedding is in 3 weeks and I STILL have not received my dress. I was supposed to get it by the middle of March. I'm trying not to worry, but I just need to know when/if I'm going to get it!
  6. Hi Everyone! We leave for our wedding a month from yesterday!! We are having our reception at Portofinos and I'm wondering what the set up is like.How many people will sit at each table? We will have 33 guests. Should I do table numbers and a seating chart? I asked grace, but she just said the set up was "normal"...I don't know what that means! I'm also wondering what I should do after dinner. Grace said I could do a private cocktail reception, but is it worth it? Or will it be fine just to go to one of the bars on the resort? If you did that, did you have a first dance somewhere?? Thanks!
  7. thanks racehlw29 for posting the pic. Unfortunately I can't open attachments.
  8. Hi Everyone! I've been reading this thread for a while and getting lots of good information. vpiche01, my wedding is May 3, 2012. We'll be there the same time! I was wondering if you were having the reception at portofino? When you said you reserved la laguna from 7-11, was that for a cocktail reception after dinner? I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the beach ceremony location? I've seen a ton of the beach gazebo, but I can't find any good ones of the beach site. Is there an arch or arbor or something? Thanks!
  9. Hi Lindy S! I am also getting a dress made from Shades of Pale. Your dress looks fantastic and very close to the original which makes me happy. I was wondering what level of accuracy you went with? My dress has a very similar bodice to yours, but the skirt is silk organza as well. What type of organza did you choose? The upgraded regular organza? Thanks!