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  1. That is strange your wedding coordinator would tell you that La Gran Tortuga was close for renovations due to the hurricane. My wedding was this past week and a girlfriend of mine and her family ate at La Gran Tortuga on Tuesday night. After seeing your post, I called her to ask if there was any type of damage to the restaurant and she said "No", so if you really want to have it there I would try and fight for it unless the real reason is they overbooked it?? However, if the outdoor grill they are offering you as an alternative is set up anything like the poolside reception, this may be a better option. The poolside reception was BEYOND my expectations and SO worth it! Best of luck to you and I hope you have a grand wedding!!! Tanesha
  2. Hello ladies!!!!! Sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye prior to my departure, but we just returned yesterday from the most AMAZING wedding ever!!!!! I will be sure to write a review soon, but I just want to tell the brides that have Maria as their coordinator that you are in good hands...she is great, very detailed and was on point with all the many requests we had! Also, for those in doubt about the private poolside reception...I HIGHLY recommend it!!! It was SO beautiful and worth EVERY penny...you will not be dissapointed!!!!
  3. Just curious to know....if you're a guest of Coba, are you allowed to make reservations at Tulum and Akumal's a la carte restaurants??
  4. Trish, Is the Daiquiri bar the same as the music piano bar? I ask because below is the information the website has advertised and it list both Daiquiri and Piano bar, but it says one is only for premier guests. I want to make sure I have the right information to include in my wedding itinerary for my guests. Please confirm. Thanks! Tanesha Local Open until Location Cancún Lobby Bar 11:30 p.m. Coba Daiquiri Lobby Bar 11:30 p.m. Coba / Only Premier Clients La Casita Snack Bar 24 hours Coba Coliseum Entertainment Bar 10:00 p.m. Coba Music Bar Piano Bar 11:00 p.m. Coba Plaza Mayor Bar 12:00 a.m. Hacienda Doña Isabel La Rancherita Discotheque 2:30 a.m. Hacienda Doña Isabel
  5. Yeemein, That's not bad at all!!!! How many photos did you receive?? The DVD case adds a nice touch as well!
  6. TABLE SEATING QUESTION!!!! For those Coba brides that have had poolside thematic "dinner"....are the tables still set up as tables of 10?? I am working on a seating chart and need to know how many chairs are per table. Thanks in advance!
  7. Shellee, After 8 weeks, Maria finally emailed me back! I had forgotten what I had asked her, lol! She apologized for the long delay in response and stated that she has been SWAMPED with weddings (just as Yeemein said). I hope you have gotten a response from her as well. TSilva
  8. Oh NOOOO Sunshine2680....I know you were LIVID!!!! On the brightside, i'm glad everything turned out well with your guest still being able to come down on Dec. 5th. As far as the tour operator, I would see if they are willing to comp you for the items you pre-ordered with the old date...never hurt to ask ;-)
  9. Yes, I'm still having trouble getting a hold of her...I emailed her on April 11th and still haven't heard back.
  10. Really?? Do you by any chance know if DJ Bijan (Mayan Vibes) offer the dance floor??
  11. Ladies!!!! For those of you that have been looking for the "spanish for dummies" mini booklets for your welcome bags, I just wanted to let you know that Staples currently has them in their $1 bins. You may have to go to more than one location to find the amount that you need, but they are there nevertheless. Just thought I let you gals know!
  12. Yeemein, Great review and beautiful pictures!!!!! You looked beautiful!!!
  13. Yes, I found them!!! I had to go to 5 different stores to get the amount I need, but I found them nevertheless. I'm glad I came across this thread...thank you so much!
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