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  1. Hi ladies I just got back from our wonderful trip I can't believe its all over!!! But it really was amazing. Just like every bride has said before please believe me, RELAX! IT WILL ALL BE PERFECT! Zaray was our amazing coordinator and really took care of everything and remembered to go over all the tiny details. I met a few brides there who I couldn't believe hadn't been on the forum! Didn't really plan anything and their weddings were also perfect! Ill do a few review once things die down a bit. Going to finally spend the afternoon catching up on my dvr and drinking some tequila we brought home! Here are a few quick comments though that I hope help: - be careful with the hotel pressing services...other brides had commented on a weird smell so I had mine done at home, carried it on the plane and hung it up out of the bag in my grandparents room and it was perfect. HUSBAND just lightly ironed his linen suite (which he didn't have done before the trip) and it came out perfect. My mom had her dress done at the hotel and she got it back with tiny holes all in the chiffon! No one but her noticed but she was very angry - it IS Extremely windy almost all the time. Like everyones hair was messed up. BUT with how hot it is down there it was actually a blessing. With all the wind a lot of the tiny details, like holes in my moms dresss, can't even be noticed - trust the wedding coordinator staff. They will get you everything you need once you are down there -relax by the pool and delegate! I got in only twenty min by the pool until after the wedding bc i was running around trying to do stuff for others. - - -Remember the name Karla and tell your guests to ask for her about spa services. The ppl who normally schedule things will tell you everything is full but she made last minute appointments for all my guests (mainly the ones I told weeks ago to make appointments grr) - don't worry about construction. There is some that rotates through the place but it is sooo huge you will 100% be able to avoid it if its an issue. They moved several of our guests around with no issues. Ill try to keep checking in to answer questions but feel free to also private message me. Enjoy your planning! It will all be worth it!
  2. On the plane to Cancun! Ill see the fellow BDW brides there!!! Just look for a tall dark and handsome guy from Arkansas
  3. How many guests are you having? If it is under 30 you can make a reservation as the restaurants and there are several that have private outside seating areas. I don't remember them, but if you search for "moon palace locations" I think that thread has information. Also, read through the moon palace reviews. Several girls on there had private events at the restaurants and gave their reviews on there. It depends how much you want to spend on photography, but Del Sol has been AMAZING. We paid about $3k for 6 hours of photography, comes with two photographers and we get rights to all the pictures (make sure you read the fine print about this with other companies) I don't think they have received a single negative comment in their reviews. They have an agreement with the Moon Palace, so they are not considered an outside vendor, but you do need to pay for a day pass for them ($93x2) I'm confused by what you meant by "paid separately"…in order for rooms to count, everything needed to be booked through the same travel agent/booking number…but either way I think it is just 2 rooms total. From what I've read most ceremonies take about 30 minutes max, and the hotel only books events on the hour. We are getting married at 6, cocktail at 7 and reception at 8. I would suggest keeping everything sequential…there are a lot of distractions at an all-inclusive and you don't want guests wondering off and it become less special. Honestly, there is so much food at these places even with food at "normal" dinner time, its not like people are ever hungry. I would just have your ceremony at 2, cocktail hour/picture time for you and your groom from 3-4 and an early dinner starting at 4. You CAN ask for food to come out later, so you could start your reception at 4 and then maybe ask for food to come out around 5? Hope this helps! We leave in TWO DAYS and I am freaking out!!! Word of advice to all brides do as much as you can as soon as you can!!! I'm a huge planner, but this is two different types of stress, packing for a vacation AND a wedding. LOTS to do!
  4. Previous girls have had a lot of bad experience with the planning process before they arrived to the Moon Palace, but I've been working with them since they've redone things and so far I have had a great experience. My coordinator has been informative and responsive (normally within a week). Like I said above, make sure you check out all the information on this forum, there is SO much. Specifically the Moon Palace Wedding Reviews. Del Sol Photography is AMAZING! Check out their reviews for pictures.
  5. Kelly - you should check out their website for pictures of all the different packages, and it will tell you what comes with them all. The basic package works well for girls who want to customize their wedding and bring a lot of decorations and stuff down with them. The package come in handy if you don't want to have to deal with as much on your own. Like DZaccaria said you should definitely go through a travel agent, but if you go on the Moon Palace Weddings website you can request information from them and they will email you a list of the wedding packages. I have one from 2012 but I can send it to you if you'd like (let me know your email address). You also get a lot of perks depending on how many guests you have (if you book over 75 nights you get a free 7 night stay, room upgrade and unlimited (3 hrs per day) private events) Packages run from free - $4000 (I think is the max?) Horse carriage = $137, one way (does anyone know if this is truly just for 2 people? Both my parents are walking me down the aisle and this is creating an issue) Yes, you can choose your venue, it can be on the beach, in a gazebo, on a terrace or rooftop. Search for Moon Palace Locations and it will pull up different threads with different venues. Also, search under Moon Palace reviews and you can see all the different places girls have gotten married before. You should also look under the Moon Palace 2012 thread, there is a TON of information there. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  6. We're going withe the International Buffet 2, and Mexican Buffet. We have almost 50% of our group that are vegetarians, so our options were a bit limited. I've read only good reviews about the "superior hor'deorves (sp?)" as well. I think we decided to just do regular white cake, but I THOUGHT there was a tres leche option that I had previously heard good things about so I am definitely going to ask for that! If your wedding group is over a certain size do they automatically give you a second tier? Or do you have to specifically request/pay for that (we're doing the Pearl Shimmer package). Also, check the desserts that come with your buffets…I think it was the International 2 buffet (?) but it came with mini strawberry AND "cheese" cakes…so we figured we'd get to sample those flavors anyways! Although, neither of us are big sweets people…we prefer to drink our calories! Does anyone happen to know how big the complimentary tables are? I think I've read before that they are 72x72 but I can't find that post anywhere, and I want to order overlays for the tables (I think I've decided on those versus table runners). Also, did any previous brides get charged a set up fee if they asked for sashes to be tied on the chairs? I know there have been several posts about how much MP SAYS they charge per table, versus what they actually charge once you get there for the set up. From what I can tell, you can usually get away with not having to pay a fee if it is a simple set up…I'm wondering if the chair sashes crosses the line from "simple/free" to set-up fee. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know how big the complimentary round tables are for the private events? 72x72? Thanks!
  8. Also have u seen a map of the property? Just Google image it, it will help with location decisions
  9. You can ask me my wedding is in April so I don't have answers to everything but can work through your questions with you. Have you already read tge moon palace brides 2012 thread or the wedding reviews? There is an overwhelming amount of info there. When is your wedding? Do you have any elderly guests? From what i've read the resort IS big but the locations really aren't that far away from anything and they have golf carts to help with the guests if you need it. what chapel are u refering to? I know they have a gazebo specifically reserved for religious ceremonies...so maybe you are booked in the chapel you're referring to? Take a deep breathe and know everything will be fine! I'm with you that my. Wedding coordinator has been awesome. ...previous brides had so many issues with this step and everything turned out perfectly for them so we should be all set! Good luck and let me know what other questions you have
  10. AWESOME!!! Thank you! snimmagadda1@gmail.com
  11. Oh that makes me feel a lot better! I know not to count on anything for sure, but I'm really hoping they will work with us once we are there. Thanks for the reassurance (I like how this emoticon freaks out then celebrates…exactly how I've been feeling, CRAZY!)
  12. MP41313/MrsJSimms13 - how exciting!!! I have a million things I want to compare with you girls I'll probably end up PM you if that is ok. For one, I haven't even started brainstorming my playlist...any chance you'd want to post yours? Are you hiring any services? I think we have finally decided to just buy a Jawbone (http://jawbone.com/speakers/jambox/overview) so that we will have music for all of the activities...just means I'm going to be spending all my "freetime" downloading/brainstorming music ideas! I am going to get my hair and makeup done...I did a trial here in Denver a few weeks ago, and wasn't happy with either, so that is also on my list to finalize. I've read repeatedly that they normally do a great job...as long as you have pictures of exactly what you want. Are you going with any wedding packages? We're doing the Pearl Shimmer, although now I'm realizing a lot of what comes with it we don't need (photography, officiant)... Also, anyone doing welcome bags, I went to the Dollar Tree today and got a ton of stuff for my 25 bags for $50! That's obviously $2 a bag, but I have been buying a lot of stuff online, which have some amazing deals, but definitely make sure to check them out before you order too much online. One great online find was bug repellant though....cheapest by far that I've found (the website also have a good deal on sun tan lotion packets) http://www.safetyed.org/insectrepellantpackets.aspx
  13. Thank you Kelly Hopkinson! I wonder what room category those pool access rooms are...urgh that means my FI was right! Did you have any problems with mosquitos on the Grand Side? I know it clearly states that you aren't allowed to exchange anything with the Colin Cowie packages, but I'm still trying to use the Photo Package A that comes with the package for our welcome dinner the night before. Has anyone had any luck altering any aspects of the package? We are also bringing our own officiant....in the pre-Colin Cowie days I know girls were able to substitute stuff out all the time (like get flower petals instead of the officant) but they aren't budging at all with me. Do you think this is something I'd have better luck with once we get to Cancun? I ALSO know it says that the Kodac photo package (that you can use your credits for) can't be used for Private Events...again anyone have any luck with this? Essentially, my Dad is from India and our Welcome Dinner has turned into an Indian Bridal Ceremony, and his side of the family will not be happy if we don't have professional pictures of the event. I'm trying to find a way to get some, without having to pay a significant more. Do you think any of this something I'd have better luck with once we get to Cancun? Or should I just accept defeat? Thanks!
  14. My contract has 3 and under free, 4-17 as a kid, and 18 over adult. I had some upset guests over 5 and 6 yr olds costing so much ($185/night) Remind them there is a kids club/arcade (aka babysitters!) and at a lot of other resorts they charge for soda and room service, which I always remember racking up when I was younger. When is your wedding? Depending on the month they sometimes offer kids stay free.