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  1. Love the pictures, I am currently contemplating the orange lounge for cocktail hour because it seems much more intimate than the blue beach bar. Glad you had a wonderful wedding!
  2. ^^ Thanks for the info! I was thinking that I wanted my ceremony to start at 4:00, but now I am think 5:30 would be a great idea because of the heat and that way we would be able to get sunset pictures also. Have you seen any pictures of the festival terrace decorated, I was contemplating that area as well since we have so few guests but I haven't seen it decorated which makes me unsure about it!
  3. I just got confirmation from Pilar that our wedding date is available! April 12, 2013!! I know it seems pretty far away but I was just wondering what everyone would suggest as far as ceremony time for an April wedding. We don't want to be sweating to death during the ceremony so we want it a little later in the day just not when it is dark out! Also any suggestions for reception location with only 20 guests? Unfortunately we will not be able to do a site visit but from everything that I have seen on here I feel confident that everything will work out smoothly. Thanks girls!
  4. Yea, I feel the same way! Hopefully we can reserve the date some way, I'm sure other brides have booked more than a year in advance. Let me know what you hear!!
  5. I have been wondering the same things!! My fiance and I plan on getting married April 2013, have you been able to lock in a date with the resort yet? I was told by a TA that you need to wait until about a year before to try and book group rates and flights but I really wanna get my date set in stone so that I can atleast send out STD's.
  6. Does anybody have the weddingbook that they can send me with the options? Also does anyone have a budget sheet that they would mind sharing with me, I read somewhere that the WC can send you a budget sheet but Pilar had no clue what I was talking about when I asked for one. My email is sarahcarl12@yahoo.com. Any info that I can get would be super helpful!!
  7. I have heard that people usually tip the WC but as far as the DJ, photographer, and videographer go I don't think that is as necessary as you are already paying them to be there. Unless of course they provide a spectacular service then I may throw so money there way. That's just my opinion though, I'm not sure of the proper etiquette.
  8. Hey Everyone! My fiance and I have been debating between Now Jade and another resort, we are just beginning our search and this site seems to have some really good information. We are planning on having between 10-15 people at our wedding. Does anybody have suggestions for flowers or photos outside of the resort. Also do you know if they do live video feed, my fiance and I would love for our families and friends who are unable to come to be able to watch. Thanks!! Sarah
  9. FutureMrsBrew


    Hey Everyone! My name is Sarah and my fiance and I got engage 2 years ago in Ocean City MD, after much consideration we have decided to go with a destination wedding! We are looking to get married in April/March 2012 and my top 2 resorts that I have found are Now Jade and Dreams Cancun. We love different things about both of them, so hopefully we will be able to narrow it down between the two. Any suggestions about these resorts would be appreciated!!!