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  1. They do have high tables with no chairs around the tables, but there are some wicker chairs that surround the area for people to sit on. We did the Private Champange Party then did the Chill Out Party.. I would suggest getting the dance floor but then again it's up to you. The Chill Out area was a lot more money but I have to say after our wedding we were so glad we spent the extra money. To this day people say it was the funnest/nicest party the have been to! Good luck! Brandie
  2. Calibride - my BM's had their hair done there and it turned out amazing! They each brought a picture of a look they wanted to go for so I would suggest that..
  3. I'm so sorry I just saw this now.. I'll send some Chill Out pics right now! Brandie
  4. Hey there! I can provide a little bit of insight (I think) =) The Fondue restaurant was OK at best. The Japanese Restaurant was very good and same with the Italian. If you let your wedding coordinator know that there are vegetarians, they usually do everything they can do accommodate. We had the DJ for ours and we had a set playlist that I made and he played everything from start to finish and dead on with the flower toss/first dance/garter toss songs. So we actually had a really good experience with him. We had all of our music on our iPhone (there is a wedding DJ app you can download and it was honestly a lifesaver!) Brandie
  5. Amanda - this is exactly what we did (minus the dance floor) - the Chill Out Lounge and Sunset Gazebo will EXCEED your expectations I guarantee it! Brandie
  6. Hi STARBRIDE! You bet I do. Do you have an email address I can send them to? The only reason we didn't choose the beach party is because we werent sure if it was going to be too windy or not. In the chill out area you have a bit more around you to prevent the wind a bit. We had candles at our reception that we couldn't light because it was really windy that night. Brandie
  7. Hi Liz, Congrats! Now for the fun part of planning! We did a cocktail reception at the Chill Out area, it was a champagne reception and they made a welcome drink for us as well which was extremely yummy! It was gorgeous, they had wicker chairs set up at the beach with candles and tiki torches set up just for us. It was also secluded so you don't have to worry about other people crashing your party per say LOL. I would suggest that area as it's on a private beach. Hope that helps Brandie
  8. Thank you! You must be getting excited!! I honestly had written everything down and printed off all final agreements and brought them with us, we met with the WC the 2nd day we were there to go over absolutely everything! You can make last minute changes etc when you meet with her as well if you change your mind on anything at all. The day goes very smoothly and very fast! Your WC is there every step of the way to tell you when to do things, where to do things etc. Do you know if you are getting your dress pressed there? I had booked an appointment but they never came so I had to rush to get it pressed the day of the wedding quickly, so just keep on top of them there. They are really good but sometimes they work on 'mexican time' LOL Brandie
  9. Hi Ladies, I just wanted to send a quick note about our wedding here at Grand Sunset Princess... I have dealt with Pilar for the past 13 months planning and I have to say everything was perfect. Everything was beyond our expectations and it seriously turned out to be our dream wedding. We went with the Chill Out Party, and if anyone is thinking of doing it, I highly suggest you fork out the money and do it. It's sooooo worth it! We have 46 people come and every single person said they have not been to such a gorgeous wedding/reception. If anyone has questions please just ask! Brandie
  10. Hi Dana, Ours costs just over $6000 but we have a DJ and we have 45 people coming and a few other things that I added in..
  11. Hey Ladies! How's the planning coming along? We are 2 weeks away from our wedding here and I feel like I still have so much to do!!
  12. The countdown is on! Are you almost done everything?? Jack Johnson is usually a pretty good pick, some songs are fun Have you picked any yet? Here's what we have for ours.. Guests Sitting: Jack Johnson - Do you remember David Gray - Sail Away Justin Nozuka - After Tonight Sade - By your side Adele - Make you feel my love Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere over the rainbow Bridesmaids Entrance: Ben Harper - Forever Bride Entrance: David Gray - This Years Love Signature Song: The Fray - Look After You Finish Ceremony: Jack Johnson - Better Together
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