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  1. hello, can i get katya nova phone number so i can see her availabilities ? please !! thank you.......
  2. both are great locations !! i know that doesn't help. lol but, look at the odds, and ends. good, and bads. maybe that will help. i will get married in dominican in march 2012 in punta cana . the reason my fiance is living there. so i dont have a choice i suppose. lol but, what ever makes you happy. and where your quest will enjoy the most. cause both has wonderful beaches !! any info you want to ask me dont hesitate to write. take care ...
  3. , AND PHOTOGRAPHY, AND VIDEOS FOR MY WEDDING IN PUNTA CANA ? i was thinking of barcello. but, there's only one wedding coordinator, and shes hard to reach to make sure my wedding date is lock in. IM GETTING FRUSTRATED !!
  4. please send me a reply phone number for the photography. i need her phone number please if anyone has it ? email me at sabinepdaphnispdaphnis@yahoo.com
  5. its a nice hotel. just a little expensive to barcelo where im planning of gettting married on march of 2012
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