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  1. Hi, I'm actually debating the same thing now off of web forums and photos. I really like Now Sapphire's website and the way the grounds look but people rate Royal highly and like the service. They seem friendlier and seem more flexible with substitutions overall. Which did you end up going with in the end and how did you decide? Thanks and happy planning!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the thread but happy to have found it! We have just really begun wedding planning and are planning on having our wedding at Now Sapphire also, in Aug 2012. Jsal4 - Thanks so much for sharing your information. That's a great list of questions! Could you post some photos when you return and also see if there are some buildings/guest rooms we should ask to avoid? Some of the reviews online mentioned mildew, weird musty odors and since our guests are making a big effort to come celebrate with us, it would be nice to make sure they enjoyed their stay. Sorry if this has already been covered on one of the threads and I missed it. Thank you!