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  1. The reason why some of the photographers are "cheaper" than Victor at Victor Herrera is because of experience. Once a photographer (such as Adrian) reaches a certain level of experience, his prices go up... This is common everywhere in photography. I am sure Sara's will go up soon as well (so book them soon!)! They are so amazing, I would have paid 3000 for them (and it would have still been cheaper than most of the photographers down there!). Good luck!
  2. I love it all!! You are too cute! Edgar, seriously I miss him!! He was our favorite too!! We cant wait to go back, we were so spoiled! I miss room service every morning that I wake up at home ;-)
  3. Yay for MissBliss & IliaPSU on your wedding success!!! Congrats girls!! *Waiting patiently for photos
  4. Aw thank you and yes, I would try to negotiate... Unless you sign up with a package, they may be more concrete on that... Not sure though!
  5. You may want to ask if they cut the cake!! We had to cut our own cake for our guests
  6. You girls are too kind, thank you for all your awesome comments My bouquet came with Ivory ribbon wrapped around it. I too was confused about cake 1 with the ribbon on it, I assume they provide their own ribbon but not sure how to cut through it... I brought large edible pearls to have placed on every layer instead of the ribbon though. As far as upgrading to Excellence Club... We very very much enjoyed it but I doubt we will ever do it again. You get liquor in your room and there is a private club house you go to for all high quality liquor and finger foods. We never once went to the private EC pool and we only went to the EC clubhouse because we wanted to get our monies worth! Other than that, if you dont do the EC, you will never know the difference. We had room 2402 non EC at first and we loved that room the most. Even over the 9456 room that we begged for b/c its the resort marketing room (best room/view at the resort). As far as private beach wedding, I dont think there is a such thing... People are able to come and go on the beach as they wish and the wedding I watched from my balcony (another thing, ppl can watch from their rooms easy) there were sail boats and jet skis going back and forth during her ceremony. You can see the beach from just about anywhere on the resort, so moving it may not help... However, people are usually respectful of your privacy... I had no idea if anyone was near our wedding, but then later in the week ppl would come up to us and tell us they watched our wedding. You will be so wrapped in the moment, you may not even notice onlookers. Congrats to all the brides coming up!!! So exciting!!
  7. Below are a few pictures that came "free" with the gold package... Oscar did them. He is pretty good, they are definitely "cheesy" but since Adrian is very artsy we agreed to have the pics that came with the package taken of us before dinner one night (since we didnt want them of the wedding b/c we had Adrian). That way we have some posed pics and some artsy pics... Oscar was definitely one of the best at the resort... The pics are fun! They will try to up-sell the heck out of you. These were "free" but then they took 97 more pics that they said we could have for $250 bucks.... We said ok (only because A) we do not have any good pictures of us over the 4 years we have been together we take horrible pics together and C) we are an easy sell :/ ) BUT I did go back to the room to get my money and came back only with $150 bucks and told him its either $150 or we willl pick our free 24 and leave... He agreed to the $150! Worth it for us to have some good non-wedding photos of us... finally Also after taking wedding photos, TTD and these dinner photos, we found out that I am the reason we take such bad pictures :/ haha they kept saying "Jamie, you perfecto- LC please try harder"!! What a shot to the ego ;-)
  8. Yes Nayeli did give us a final "bill" 2 days before the wedding and everything was 100% correct.... but you dont pay until you leave the resort.... and when it came to check out time and the front desk people gave us our real final bill from Nayeli (in Spanish & Pesos) I noticed that it was A LOT of money... Like A LOT. I started to panic big time b/c the language barrier is rough sometimes. I was trying to tell the guy at the front desk it was wrong and he kept telling me it wasnt. We went back and forth for a few minutes until I started to tear up and demanded he print out a detailed bill and convert every single item into USD and English... (the bill was just one lump sum, it should never be one lump sum for any resort/hotel) and so I saw that they double charged us, they got Nayeli on the phone and she came to the front desk to apologize (sort of)... It should have never happened, BUT mistakes do happen and thats why I wanted to give you girls the heads up. My husband would have been the type to just pay it and leave, thinking thats what he owed... I know better ;-) Thank goodness!!
  9. MsBliss Almost time for you!!! I am soooo excited for you!! We paid the $500 and the $45 per person over 20 ppl... You shouldnt have to pay the extra $45 though if you only have 18 ppl in attendance. We got home at midnight last night... exhausted isnt even the word for it!! So much fun though Also make sure you double check your check when you leave... They DOUBLE charged me for everything and it was in pesos and so confusing, I refused to leave the resort until they converted everything to English and into USD... Thank God I am incredibly detail oriented or they would have gotten us for double our money. I almost had a heart attack! Have safe travels!! and most importantly enjoy your soon to be husband and take in every moment!! CONGRATS!
  10. Hi Danak71! We just picked them up in the "Brides" section of Michael's and bought the chalk marker to go with it, then someone at the resort wrote on them for us
  11. Oh man Sarakafka, Im sorry, I know that is frustrating I came on here to tell the girls to make sure that they understand that the top cake tier will be thrown away after one day. We told them that we wanted it for our last night here and they said they would freeze it for us, then I called down for it tonight and they said they threw it away, no one told us So just an FYI... Then I read your post Sara and I felt your pain. I was pretty upset about the no organization thing and the having to also push play for my own first dance and father/daughter dance... I was running around like a crazy person hoping that no one but me noticed that. They ran out of our meals and among other things.... I just had to stay positive and take in all the love around us and even with all the issues I still wouldnt have traded it for a wedding back home, it was still magical and romantic... I just had to deal with a lot of things I thought I wouldnt have to... But like you said, make the vows meaningful and notice all the things right with the day.
  12. oh no I am so sorry you are frustrated!! I totally feel your pain though, thats how I was right before I left! but I do promise you your wedding will be so amazing and gorgeous!! I watched the brides wedding that was crying the other night b/c of N and it was just stunning and perfect!! Its really hard to mess it up here, which may be why N is so "whatever" about getting back to us... It does NOT excuse her behavior but rest assured your wedding will be amazing. Going to Cancun for flowers is actually not a bad idea though. Just dont stress yourself out, try to enjoy the whole process, even the hiccups! I promised my husband that no matter how hectic or frustrating the planning (or lack thereof) got I would always take a deep breath and appreciate the process... We are all so lucky to have our wedding at such an amazing place, where most ppl will only dream of ever visiting... Just remember what the day is truly all about and know that everything will be perfect for you Good luck and safe travels!! BREATHE!!!
  13. No one seems too alarmed about the guy that left, I am assuming that he is fine (and a jerk)... I too feel so much for the bride though. Honestly how does it get to that I wonder? There had to be so many red flags... You´d think you´d know your man enough to know if he were capable of something like that... But enough of that sad talk... You chicks are about to get married in the most gorgeous place ever!!!! I am so excited for each of you!! We only have 2 more days left here, I cant believe it! Where is the time going?? I was having a glass of wine outside last night and some girl came up to me to compliment me on my dress (that I seriously bought at Marshalls for like $15 bucks... I didnt get one compliment on any of my BCBG dresses!! but ppl swoon over my bargain dress Jeesh ;-) ) anyways, she started small talk and her poor eyes were beat red so I made a joke about the booze getting to her and she said "NO, I havent had one drink, I have been crying all night because I am getting married tomorrow and our wedding coordinator is no where to be found and when I went over everything with her earlier she had all the wrong info and Im so scared that nothing will be right!" poor thing I told her all about us and myself (she had no idea I just got married here), etc.... Her WC is, surprise, N! She felt a little better knowing we all felt her pain, I even told her to come on here to vent if she needed to but that I promised everything would turn out gorgeous regardless!! I miss Gustavo Ok gals, TTYL, Im off to the beach!!
  14. We were just updated, the groom bailed on the wedding on Friday... He flew back home that night, not sure about the rest of the guests or the bride though. Poor thing
  15. Thanks Sharon! I have no idea why the groom didnt show up! We were just told about it while we were getting ready for our wedding. I had so any questions about it but no one had any answers :/ Possibly he was drunk, groomsmen have a way with wanting to get the groom as drunk as possible! Luckily we agreed to a 2 drink max before the wedding and then all is game after I didnt even get a sip of alcohol though, I was too nervous and didnt want red eyes in my pics!! (although that went to hell b/c I pretty much cried the entire time!) We got our wedding video yesterday! Its so adorable, but hard to watch myself on film. I just look so unnatural, I could never be an actress Yesterday the wind wasnt too bad, the day before we had a romantic dinner on the beach and the wind blew over an entire bottle of full champagne onto my dress and then the huge bamboo structure broke off the concrete and almost hit us, we had to run for cover and had to finish our meal on a brick wall. So, I guess the wind does come and go!! Hopefully it goes for you all!! Also since it wasnt too windy last night I wore my hair down and curly and the wind still took my curls from me! Stupid wind, I just want my hair down already!! We had our reception at the private terrace away from the beach. It was really pretty and it was windy but completely manageable, and didnt bother us, with the exception of my poor candles!
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