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  1. Hi ladies, i never ended up finding someone offering a Canadian Passport template for sharing and i'm still looking!!!! my wedding is 2 months away and i really need the template to make an itinerary for all my guests. if anyone out there has one - please please share!!! thanks!
  2. I second that.... i'm having a private beach party $85/person and was quoted to pay extra $832 to have a DJ.... magnolia_19@hotmail.com
  3. I was told the similar thing about florist and DJ - not allowed, and then i got an email saying that if i pay $600 suppliment - i can have my florist or DJ.... they r trying to keep the business for the hotel with option from the hotel. makes me so angry that everybody is getting different answers
  4. i'm really bummed out about the flowers... and why would they say it's $600 fee? makes no sense. but what can i do?? just book a florist anyway?
  5. FranticBridetoBe: i got an email from my WC saying that to bring an outside vendor to do decor/flowers will cost a supplement of $600 to the hotel. + whatever else you're paying to that decorator..... have you asked your WC about what it would cost for daypass? the above was the reply that i got - i'm not happy about it. i didn't want to go with hotel options....
  6. Ladies, i'm totally up to meeting up as well... Just not on the April 21 - since it's my wedding date! i think this trip is going to be epic! on a sad note, my WC Pilar just passed me to another WC Jacquiline... AND for anyone who wanted an outside DJ or flower decorator: "can i bring in an outside vendor - DJ with audio equipment? how much would i have to pay for his day pass to the hotel? Yes you can, however there is a supplement of outside DJ or vendors of $600.00 each. I would like to bring outside florist for decor, how much is for her day pass to the hotel? Apply a supplement of $600.00 usd if you need any kind of flower decor different to the cataloge that we offer, you could send us the picture and our flower shop can prepare those flowers decor for you." not happy with this but it is what it is....
  7. Hi ladies!! congrats on your weddings!!! I'm from Vancouver and getting married on April 21 2012 at 3 pm! we just booked the hotel and paid the $200 deposit for the wedding date. my bff is also getting married at GSP on april 23, 2012. we are doing a symbolic wedding, and so far have 27 people including us (bride and groom). i'm still trying to compose what i want for the whole day and how it should be planned.... boy am i glad i found this forum....! i just realized that my WC is almost useless, her name is Pilar. all the specific questions she has ignored. and just sent me whole bunch of forms she wants me to fill out asap. VancityBride - i'm definitely looking into the florist you've provided info for... still wondering if the outside DJ is a no go...?
  8. Hi VancityBride! we have finally received the email from our WC Pilar with all the prices and flowers... i gotta say, flowers are looking pretty crappy i have 25 people coming to my wedding and i'm still unclear on the flow of the wedding. i want it to go something like this: 3 pm ceremony, 4-6 picture time, 6-7 cocktail hour, 7-9 dinner.... and then i want to have a reception with DJ and dancing. so i'm unclear how that could be set up in Grand Princess Riviera. WC hasn't answered any of my questions so far. i'm also flying out of Vancouver - direct flight, thank god.
  9. hi ladies, i'm also waiting for a response from WC with no such luck so far. i'm also interested in finding out about reception/dance floor area and how much extra we'd have to pay... $85 for private function + $25 for open bar per person sounds a little steep.... we are looking into "royalty package" for $2500 and im a little confused about the reception portion. is your dinner suppose to be no longer than 1.5 hours?... and then?
  10. hey ladies! i decided to join the thread! i am getting married april 21 2012. i just confirmed it today!!! super excited and looking forwards to sharing info and prep plans with you!
  11. Hi! i was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction: i'm looking for a template for a Canadian Passport for wedding invitations... i've been going through the website for hours and while there are soooo many pretty DIY projects, i didn't find what i was looking for. many many thanks in advance!!!
  12. Hi, could you please send me pix to magnolia_19@hotmail.com , interested in quite a few items! thanks
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