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  1. I finally got my 2 bridesmaids to have a look at my dress. They both said that the dress looks nice and minor faults can't be seen that much.
  2. Hi girls, I tried the dress I got from Jasmine's Bridal after getting it altered by a local wedding dress maker. I got the boning that was sticking out removed and got lining layers that were showing through from outside removed. The bumps and uneven stitching are still showing but I think I am 'happy' with it. I like the dress a lot better now. Mind you, this is me with no body shaper or heels. I think I will look better with all the accesories, body shaper, heels, etc. Kittyinheels
  3. Thanks girls. My wedding is in mid Jan, so I won't have time to make another dress. I am okay with the dress, it does look like what I asked for. I think with all the other accessories (veil, hair accessory, jewellery, flowers, etc), people won't notice small errors. So I will wear this dress. But if I were to make another dress for another occasion, or if my friend was to get a wedding dress, I won't go with or recommend Jasmine's. Kittyinheels
  4. I just got a reply from Jasmine's. They can only give me $142. They basically denied responsibilities for many errors they made (which my tailor pointed out), and for the mistakes they admitted, they said that they are entitled to make errors as errors happen (how can you trust your wedding dress to this kind of attitude?). So that's the level of 'designer grade craftsmanship' you get from this dressmaker. My tailor kept on shaking her head and kept on saying that they are 'stupid' in making this error, that error... In regards to 'designer grade fabric', they said that even though the fabric contains tiny tiny bit of silk, it is still 'partial silk' so they are not false advertising. So that's the level of 'designer grade fabric' they use. My advise to ladies out there, if you want a really nice main wedding dress that you won't feel embarrassed by, go to a wedding boutique and get the dress from there as you can atually check on things like seams, bumps, boning, bra cups, inner layer, how see through the fabric is, material, stitching, beading, etc. But if you are looking for a dress to trash, for a reception or looking for an 'okay' or 'nice' dress, than go with Jasmine's. If you want an outstanding dress that takes people's breath away, maybe avoid them. But this is just MY experience. Others might have had a wonderful experience with them. You just have to do what feels right for you. I will wear the dress as I don't have money or time to get another dress, the dress is nice, it's just not of a high quality. Kittyinheels
  5. Thanks girls for your support! Jasmine's emailed me back saying that they can still only give me $142 for the alteration with a long email of excuses after excuses. They even accused my dressmaker who works at a bridal shop as not being experienced enough to know what she's talking about! They said in case the customer is unhappy, they give 25% back, but 25% of the cost I paid is actually $155, not $142, to they haven't even got that right! I definitely want $200 back at least. So I told Jasmine's that. I could accept $142, but I am still feeling that they should give me back more. Kittyinheels
  6. I sent them an email asking for refund for the amount I paid for extra designer grade fabric and craftmanship (with the list of comments my tailor made). I guess I am okay about the dress, but I won't be 'happy' until I get my $300 for extra service I paid for. My fiance reassured me that I will look good regardless. Maybe Jasmine's not so used to making light, sleek dress? Or the quality of their service is going down? I guess I am just 'one' customer out of many other happy customers. I don't want to upset others who ordered through Jasmine's but I thought I will post my experience for future buyers.
  7. Hi girls, thanks for the messages. Well, Jasmine's Bridal did contact me back and said that 1) The bumps and unevenness of the side, back and hip area of the dress is due to me losing weight since the order (which is not true) and the dress not fitting properly to my body. They told me to take the dress in and the dress will fit fine (not true). I told them this is not true at all, and the dress has bumps and uneven stitches even when it's on a hanger. 2) They did admit that the dress is faulty because the tailor there inserted a corset when they didn't need to (a straight line dress with a thin fabric like mine should not have a corset inserted as the lines show on the outside). So they did admit their fault to this. 3) The inner skirt that is showing from the outside is also their careless error and they admitted to this also. So they offered me $140 refund for point 2 and 3, but like I said earlier, I paid extra $300 for 'designer quality' craftsmanship and fabric which clearly does not show in the result of my dress. So I would like more refund than this. I went to a trusted local dress maker/tailor that I use often today and asked them if they could do anything to the dress to make it look better. They said 1) The fabric Jasmine's used is NOT of a high quality (not silk, mainly polyester). They cut the fabric straight (not diagonally) to save cost. If not cut diagonally for a fabric like my dress', the fabric has virtually no stretch that makes it uncomfortable for me to wear and sit (this is true). 2) They basically used the wrong fabric for the type of dress I asked for. The fabric Jasmine's used is a silk (mainly poly) chiffon, and they think that it was 'stupid' that Jasmine's chose this type of non-stretchy thin delicate (and hard to handle) material for my dress. It is too thin and difficult fabric to work with which has higher risk of making errors. 3) The bumps and unevenness of the dress is basically due to poor stitching and measurement, and my tailor said that they can't take the dress in to fix the bumps because the material is so non-stretchy that I won't be able to sit down if they take it in to get rid of the bumps. They also said that the fabric is way too thin to be manipulating further and she said she doesn't want to make it worse (she said it's always hard to fix a delicate fabric once the dress is sewn into the inner dress and zip etc). But we decided that the bumps at the back can be hidden by the veil and the bumps at the side can be hidden by my arms. My tailor did comfort me saying that only people who make/sell dresses will notice. 4) My tailor thinks it was totally unnecessary to insert a corset in the dress of my style. She said she can take it out for me. 5) The inner layer that is shown from outside the dress can also be removed, but my tailor said that it was 'stupid' of Jasmine's to not notice this while making. Because the inner skirt has to be removed and extra layer around the skirt will be removed, now my dress has slightly different colour at the top and at the skirt part (it is hard to notice, but it's annoying). 6) My tailor kept on pointing out at poor craftsmanship of the dress (e.g. stitching the inner dress and outer dress at wrong places creating unnecessary pull and creases, bumpy invisible zip, etc). My local tailor quoted $70 for removing the corset and getting rid of the inner layer of skirt which is ok. But I still have uneven bumps in my dress at the back, hip are and side, and the dress colour is slightly different at the top and the skirt part of my dress. I guess these won't be noticed by many, but I am disgusted that I paid $600 for this quality dress. Unless they give me at least $200-$300 back, I won't be happy. The dress does look nice and is wearable, but I would have gone and got a brand new dress from home if I was to get this kind of dress for $600. My dress is soooo simple, hard to get wrong, but they got it wrong! I don't have good photos of me wearing the dress, and I don't have the dress with me now because I left it at my tailor's to be fixed, but I took some photos to send to Jasmine's. I'd say avoid silk chiffon for tight or sleek wedding dress.
  8. I did! The dress fits well and the length is slightly too long, but I can wear heels for that, and the dress does look like the original... HOWEVER, the stitching and putting together of the dress is definitely not designer grade craftsmanship and the fabric in my eyes is also not designer grade fabric (which both I requested and paid extra for). They used a very thin silk chiffon material for the outer layer of my dress and since it's such a thin fabric, the inner skirt (the shorter part) can be seen from the outside, poor stitching makes the seams of the dress uneven and bumpy, and the corset line can be seen from outside due to thin fabric. The corst and bra cups are cheap feeling and practically doing nothing. I have sent an email to Jasmine's Bridal to request money back for the extra amount I paid for designer grade fabric and craftsmanship. If I knew I was going to get this kind of quality dress, I wouldn't have paid that extra $300. Don't get me wrong, the dress is nice, it's just not 'perfect' and I would be happy if I get $300 back out of $620 I paid. I can accept the quality if it was a $300 dress, but I would be unhappy if they charge $620 for a dress with this quality. I guess advice I can give to people might be to (if you have time) get sample fabric sent, so that you can be sure of the quality of the fabric they use. In terms of craftsmanship, I'm not sure what to say, they do an okay job, but I personally think the seamstress I use here in my local area does a better job than them. I will update if Jasmine's Bridal is happy to give me a refund. Kittyinheels
  9. My dress looks like this overall. But these pics were taken before they took off some beads and crystals. I just hope that the length and size are alright. KittyinHeels
  10. Hi girls, The last time I posted, I had a problem with too many beads and crystals around the neckline. I asked Jasmine's Bridal to take off some beads and the dress looks really nice now. They posted the dress this week, so I should get it soon! I used designer grade fabric and craftsmanship, the dress was ordered on 5 Sept. I am very happy with their service as they have sent me heaps and heaps of photos (8 separate times, each time after each process for changes and modifying). James from Jasmine's has been quite helpful. He was quite realistic about what could be achieved and what couldn't be achieved which was good for me (so I didn't end up having unrealistic expectations and have major disappointment). Having said that, I have to actually see the dress to give overall feedback for the service. Kittyinheels Before After
  11. Hi girls, I got photos of my completed dress. I ordered a replica of Impression gown style 10085. I ordered it with designer grade fabric and craftsmanship from Jasmine's Bridal Shop. See the following link for closer photos of the original dress. http://www.impressionbridal.com/collections.php?cat=22&p=6 My original dress. I asked them to make the train shorter. My replica dress completed. I'm generally happy with it, but I have a few things I'm not about. - The beading and crystals in the front neckline/above chest area look different from the original. I don't know how to describe it well, but the original dress has beading and crystals only around the edge of the front neckline I think, not all over the above chest area. Also I think the original dress has bigger crystals in the middle part of the front neckline and then smaller ones around the middle crystals. Hard to describe! - The crystals and beading in the front neckline is showing too much? In other words, the drape is higher in the original dress covering the beading and crystals a bit more? - The back drape doesn't look symmetrical... What do you guys think? Maybe these are minor issues that I shouldn't worry too much about? Does the dress still look okay? Also if I was to describe the concern I have with the beading and crystals around the neckline, how should I describe it? It just seems different from the original which I liked. If you look at the link of the original dress, you can see the beading close up. http://www.impressionbridal.com/collections.php?cat=22&p=6 Thanks, your help is appreciated! Kittyinheels
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