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  1. Thanks Kendra for the information. I am so nervous because I requested Rev. T. Gordon. Overall, was the beach wedding nice. Did it rain a lot? Also. What time was your seating time for dinner?
  2. @kfarkas 26... the contact information for Rashel Edwards is makeupartistry1@hotmail.com @ Allie....I will definitely let you know how she was. So far, she is very professional and answers all my questions immediately. Trenise
  3. Hi guys! I am trying to time my music for the my actual ceremony and have a question. Where are you standing before the ceremony if you have it on the private beach. I am trying to time how long it will take for me to leave where I will be waiting before the ceremony to actually walk down the aisle. Is there a place where you and the father of the bride will wait that is close to the private beach before the ceremony? If so, how far is it from the private beach? I know such a weird question, but I am such a planned person.
  4. @ kendra 6303...thanks for the heads up. @Cat 723.....I plan on just packaging my decorations. My dress will be my carry on and my fiance will have a carry on for glass and other decorations that I do not want to see get messed up. Most of my decorations I am getting from Tai Flora. Since I am having a semi-private reception with only 28 guests, I have decided to do some hurricane vases with orchids in them and a floating candle to set on the table. Then I will place sea shells and rose petals on the table. Not too much. I wanted an aisle runner for the ceremony, but Janielle just informed me that is was short. I have had luck with Jodi from Tai Flora. I think because I have emailed her so many times. Honestly, Janielle is probably tired of me because I will email her like twice a day and hound her when she doesnt respond...lol! I have found my make up artist. I am using Rashel Edwards, so I hope everything works out with that.
  5. @ Cat 723.....Wow! That is so cool that you are one day before me. I am so ready. I am super stressed and keep having dreams about our wedding day. I am such a planner, so this destination wedding was hard for me. I am working on my welcome bags now. Are you ready? How has your correspondence with Janielle been?
  6. I am getting married on July 15, 2012 at the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall and after reading some of your reviews I am completely nervous. We will only have 28 guests;therefore, we will not have a private reception, but I am still getting nervous. Did your wedding not turn out the way you wanted? Did you guests at least enjoy the resort?
  7. Hello Ladies, Did anyone get their make up done at the resort? If so, how did they do? Do they use spray brush?
  8. Deangelis2be.....Janielle told me that it would be a $1,000 vendor fee to use Goddfrey is this true? And how was he? I called him and he was very quick with his responses but was very pushy.
  9. I will need about 33 bags and just wanted to know how much you charge per bag?
  10. Hello everyone, Quick question: Is the private dinner reception worth an extra cost of 3,000.00
  11. Kendra 6303, I went with the Grand package, but I am fearful I will have over 30 guests. I was not aware that if you have 30 guest or more that you have to have a private reception. I tried to switch my package to the free package but Janielle would not allow me. She has not been too helpful and I am getting very frustrated. My travel agent keeps ensuring me that things will be fine and beautiful. We are just sticking with the dinner that comes with the Grand package. I would of loved to have a private wedding reception, but I do not feel like spending that extra money. Things are beginning to add up and we still want to do several of excursions while in Jamaica. My fiance and I talked, and we both agreed that being in Jamaica is a nice place in itself. So, we are going to do the semi-private reception and then meet at the nightclub afterwards. We are already having a non traditional wedding, but I feel by having the private reception with a dance floor and DJ that we are trying to turn it into something traditional.
  12. Mrs. R- are you still making the bags. I will be getting married in Jamaica on July 15th and am looking for some OOT bags.
  13. Congrats on you engagement! I am getting married July 15, 2012 at the Iberostar in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I must say that a travel agent works wonders. I live in Texas, but my travel agent is wonderful. Her name is Oslynn and her contact information is OFoy@aol.com If you want to use to her, just tell that Trenise referred you. She has put my mind at ease in so many ways and even dealt with some of my bridezilla moments..lol! Although she does not live in your city, she is great to work with. Please email me at trenisegreen@gmail.com for her phone number. Good luck and things just got fun!
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