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  1. Maria &Wayne Aug 24, 2013 Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Hot Pink& Yellow 42-BOOKED Message in a bottle Save the Dates Misha Earle- Photographer DJ Kevan Stewart- DJ OOT Bags: bug repellant,shout stain remover, Appleton Rum(mini), first aid kit,gum, aspirin,Bob Marley incense(LOL), MontegoBay key chain, Bath and Body hand sanitizer, brochure of excursions,key/ID holder, Jamaica Post Card, 1 Stamp for the postcard,welcome letter.
  2. GREAT!!!! My living room looks like the Tasmanian Devil ran through it
  3. I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I am thinking of canning the idea. I read a few reviews saying it is a waste of money because people WILL bring their own cameras, so me not purchasing them will save us money for something that will be used!! Good Luck
  4. User Name; MarySnow19 Location:Iberostar Rose Hall Suites, Montego Bay WEDDING: Saturday Aug 24,2013
  5. Misha Earle- Photographer DJ Kevan- DJ Leeann Cooke- Cake Calabash- Reception 40 BOOKED so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I have sent SEVERAL e mails to Nicole and Tiffany concerning my documents that I have sent THREE TIMES and to see if we can change the menu to a more island menu. I am STILL waiting for a response. My nerves are already in an uproar because I am soooo hands on everything and me not being able to physically be there is driving me crazy.
  7. I am having a VERY difficult time, trying to look for a TRAVEL AGENT in the NYC area, who can give me REASONABLE prices! I came across a webpage Iberoboard Vacations, where they claim to work with Iberostar directly. Has anyone heard of this website?? Can anyone recommend a TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. This update SUCKS!!!!!!!!! R they serious?? SO if u book a party of 40, or less u wld have to have a PUBLIC dinner?? WOW!!!!
  9. Hi to ALL BEAUTIFUL 2013 IRHS BRIDES!!!!!!!!!!! My date is confirmed for Aug 24, 2013!! Date: Aug 24, 2013 Time: 5:00 PM Colors: Hot Pink and Tiffany Blue with sprinkles of Tangerine Theme: Butterflies Bridal Party:16 Meet and Greet: All white, Friday Aug 23. 2013 in the lobby bar Reception: Private @ Aunt Ruby's Expected amt of guest: 50
  10. I reserved my date for Aug 24,2013. I am thinking of canceling EVERYTHING with IRHS!! I agree their lack of communication is EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL!! I faxed my Credit Card information as well as OUR Identification along with ALL OF OUR contact information, they CLAIM they never received it!! So OUR info is just floating around!!! I am going to look into IRHG and see if they are better!!
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