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  1. Yes Erin this means it would be an additional $15 per person. We are in a similar situation, we are going with the Sunset Package and it is $48 per person to upgrade to an outdoor reception. Depending on how many people you end up with you might want to opt for the Paradise Package which includes the outdoor reception and 40 people... do the math to find your "breakeven point" and if you get that many guests go for it (That's what we plan on doing). hope that helps
  2. @ajHutch - I was told by Ana that they will have at maximum 3 weddings per day. I would recommend googling the sunset time in Puerto Morelos the week of your wedding to get a better idea of how much time you might have after your ceremony for pictures. I would love to know more about moving poolside- where did you hear/read about that? @Sandy- Congrats! You look absolutely stunning!!!! Can't wait to see all of your pictures and here more about your wonderful wedding and trip
  3. @bunniup- Is the rooftop terrace the one that has the orangish walls and lobby terrace being the one with the glass bannisters? If that's right I have some pics from Ana if you would like them. I can email them to you
  4. @TropicLover- Thanks for the tidbit! Is there a difference between the lobby terrace and the rooftop terrace? Which one has the glass railing overlooking the ocean? My ceremony is at the "ocean view terrace" per ana but I am no longer certain as to what that means, I always thought there was just one terrace. Ahh!
  5. OCT Brides future and Veterans! I am in need of assistance. I am looking for someone who has or will be having their reception at the Villa Marina... I want to know how much time you were given for your reception, is there an option to include a dance floor or anything like that? If you had to do it over again would you upgrade to the private reception? We will have between 30-50 guests and we are trying to decide if we should upgrade to the paradise package and have our reception on the ocean terrace. Thanks much ladies I look forward to hearing your opinions/experiences.
  6. @ Yanick: You look so beautiful, congrats to you and your new hubby!! Please please please post more pictures I would love to some ceremony and reception pics Did OCT do your flowers? I love your bouquet! @ Kleenotes: Congrats to you as well! Can't wait to see some pictures from your big day as well!!!
  7. LOL I am slightly addicted to!!! Ijust joined this week and can't stay away! You have go so much planning done, you are awesome! That's so funny that you got two shirts for your guy- reading that made me think of what I good idea that would be for my fiancee too! Serious sweat ball We aren't getting married until February 2013 so I still have a lot of time. I just started playing around with save the dates, I am going to make them myself with photoshop I'm thinking of doing a 5 x7 card and attaching a magnet with glue dots,the magnet will be formatted to look like a luggagetag and I want to punch a hole into it and tie on a ribbon so it actallly looks like a luggage tag. My fiancee wants to send them out ASAP but I was thinking that would be too early and we should wait until at least January. How far out did you send yours? I'm assuming the open bar for 1 hour before the reception is an additional charge as well? 7-11 for your reception would be fine. We went to a wedding this pas winter at Barcelo (also in riviera Maya) and afte their reception ended we just moved the part to the lobby bar and had a blast for a few extra hours... for fee Let me know if you find the flower PPT I think Ana is not bothering to spend too much time on me since there are so many other bride contacting her with sooner wedding dates.
  8. Hey Tropiclover!! Thank you SO much for the info What are your plans for wedding day at OTC? I have gotten the wedding packages from Ana, but I have not gotten anything showing me what choices I have regarding the flower options or bow/table linen colors. Thanks for the tip on finding pictures of flowers that I like and sending them to Ana ahead of time ( I had not thought of that). If you don't mind me asking, how much does the resort charge you to not use their photographer? I looked through some of their pictures online and I thought they were kind of cheesy I'd love to stay in touch with you throughout your planning process to see how things are moving along and share any useful info we might get from Ana, ect. Thanks again dear!!
  9. Hey Ladies.... I am new to BDW. Has anyone used or heard any good things about the resort's photographer? How about flower options and reception sites? I just booked this week for our wedding there Feb 22 Any info you ladies have would be MUCH appriciated!!
  10. Hello Beach Brides to Be! I know it seams SO far away but I am really overwhelmed with all of the choices I have to make via email/pictues, ect. I was hoping that some of you might already have alot of good info/opinions on the various options for the big day. Here is what I am kind of looking for... reception options, flower choices, colors they have available for chair bows, centerpiece choices and menu options. PLEASE any help getting started would be so much appriciated. Like I said I am really overwhelmed THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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