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  1. Alana thanks for sharing, your decorations look great....making me second guest my own lol. I'll post pictures of mine this weekend. Acutie I feel ur pain girl! I hope that it all works out for you, totally agree with you on the DW thing to cut back on the stress.... That was my thought as well My wedding planner is Cristina and I sent her an email in early Feb that I still havent gotten a response too gggrrrrr. I'm trying to take the advice we were given and hope for the best.
  2. Try looking up HBCphoto.com his prices are pretty good and all the reviews that I have read are really good. My pkg is about $950 that includes the wreck the dress day but no actual prints (I figure I can just print them myself). However you will have to buy a day pass for him to come on the resort...think it's about $80.
  3. It just clicked in... I haven't been in this room before oops Hi Ladies . Stress has gotten the best of me... 2 months to go and sooooooo much to do. You guys are going to be my girls!
  4. Ladies, I have been back and forth with this one..... When are you guys giving out your OOT bags? My friend is also doing a destination wedding, she says that she will be giving hers out at her bridal shower. Don't know if I like that because I would like my guests to use the items while there, what if they forget it? I was thinking that I would bring them down (or ship them down) and hand them out on the day we arrive....but there is always the worry of weight. I had requested my reception at the Capers restaurant also so I don't know if I should be worried, I know there is another wedding on my day
  5. OMG!!!! I would be freaking out too.... What is your wedding date? they had better be giving a refund or something in compensation.:mad:
  6. I like the tall cylinder with the flowers inside and the floating candles. I have them already and will ship them I just have to pray that they make it there in one piece.
  7. Hello, April 13 is just around the corner.. You must be so excited. The price that the hotel is quoting for my center pieces is $250 each.....that is just crazy. So I found the exact same ones in Toronto for a fraction of the price so i bought them and I'm going to ship it down. I will just pray that they don't brake. Let me know what you decide to do.
  8. Hi Alana & Canadian love I also live in Ajax.... I will be getting married at the Now on May 24th and I am totally nervous. Cristina is my wedding coordinator, so far she seems to be on top of things. I will be having the ceremony on the beach, we will be paying for a cocktail hour, dinner at capers and the reception at castaway. Maybe it's just me but I find as I go along that a lot of expenses are popping up like table cloths $25 each...the one that is bothering me the most is alcohol $18 per person per hour? Aren't we at an all inclusive? What are u ladies doing about that? I also had an issue with the prices of the center pieces so I will be shipping down my own....the wanted $250 per for what I was looking for. I was considering changing my dinner to poolside, just haven't made my mind up yet but it sounds great! So glad I found this wed site and to her that others are just as nervous as me... I going to search for post from people who actually got married there already. Can't wait to hear back.
  9. i stayed at this hotel almost 3 years ago....I loved it! and promised myself that when i got married it would be there. So I am now getting married and my choice was easy. The place is very new and well kept, the staff was friendly, lots of stuff to do on the groups (if you choose) I would recomend this place without hesitation.
  10. Hello, I am so glad i found this website. All the information that you guys have shared is very helpful. I have been dealing with Christina from NOW and she has been great and gettings back to me in a timely maner. I don't know when you guys starting contacting the hotel but the girl they had before Emy Rose, she was terrible. I have also been trying to find the website for innovart but can't seem to find it.....now i know why! I remember visting once or twice a few months ago, kinda scary looking and didn't have prices. What i think I'm going to do is buy and send down my own stuff i.e. center pieces, ribbons for the chairs etc.
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