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  1. I think the lady that did my hair and makeup was Alicia. She did a really nice job on my hair. I wasn't happy with my makeup at all. She spent maybe 10mins on my makeup and all the makeup used was old looking in a used makeup bag. I remember thinking sanitation was an issue. I was late getting married because I had to redo my makeup myself. Thank god I did, because the application was super light! It would of been awful in photos. My friend was married a few days before and her makeup turned out nice.
  2. Jana... Did you hear about the new secrets opening in cancun? It's called secrets the vine. All adults. Supposed to be open in August.
  3. I just got back from a ten day beautiful wedding and honeymoon! I will write a review when I get settled in. I will say to all the upcoming dreams brides, don't stress! You will have a beautiful wedding. In the end all that will matter is all the beauty around you. The resort is gorgeous. The rooms although not modern were clean and nice. You can't beat the view at dreams. Best location and beach by far! I had 30 guests they all can't wait to go back!
  4. Congrats Jana! You look beautiful! I'm so excited... I will be in cancun in one month!
  5. Awesome.... Thanks Leigh! I think I may have my wedding on the beach now. Your pictures were so beautiful,
  6. Channing.. You were a beautiful bride for the ladies that had their receptions on the beach, did any of you have an issue with bugs, Mosquitos? Also is himitsu beach close to a restroom? My grandma who is 90 will be at my wedding. I worry about her walking too far.
  7. Beautiful! Is she charging you extra for use of the vases? I love the sparkle on the bottom. Where did you find those?
  8. Jana, are you bringing all you're center pieces to cancun? My bf is worried that we will bring too much stuff, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.
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