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  1. I didn't bring placecards. When I got there, I just bought some maracas at the resort (I bargained for about $1-$1.50 each) and then wrote names and table numbers on the maracas. Everyone thought it was a cute idea and liked the maracas. Plus, my AMAZING photographers from FotoTakeIt got a great artistic shot of a maraca in the sand.
  2. I ordered white calla lillies and they were included in the package for my bouquet. But I will warn you the ones that I got were dead. When I say dead, I mean brown dead spots on the decaying petals. Claudia showed them to me on my wedding day and I asked her to get new ones so that I did not have to walk down the aisle with dead flowers. When she sent me the new ones as I was getting ready, they were still dead. No different than before, except perhaps worse. Even Adrian (styling trio) told me that he had never seen such an awful bouquet at the Barcelo. They ended up refunding me only partially for the cost of my bouquet and my bridesmaids (which were not included in Strawberry package). This partial refund was NOT worth the stress on my wedding day. My advice- I may have had a one off experience, but don't chance it. If you want white calla lillies, go with an outside vendor or don't get them at all!!!!
  3. Hi FireyNurse- We had our reception at Playa Azul and did not get a dance floor. A dance floor would restrict you to dancing only on it, and we all had a blast dancing wherever we felt fit. Most people gravitated towards the designated dance area but some wanted to dance closer to the water or outside the palapa. Dancing on the sand was awesome! Everyone (including myself) kicked our shoes off and had a great time!
  4. Hi Kiskae! We are also using FotoTakeIt also. Their portfolio is awesome- so creative and artistic, and prices are so reasonable too. My wedding is Feb 18th, so hopefully I'll get some photos soon after to post.
  5. Hi Joanne! I have a question about the rehearsal dinner as I am debating whether to pay extra to have it private. I will have about 40 adults and 8 children all staying at the Palace. Did you have a lot of people at yours? It seems you didn't pay for the Palace guests...were you able to just make a large reservation? Thanks!
  6. Hi FireyNurse- I believe you have to book 2 nights for your photographer to be considered a "guest". I have not read anywhere that you have to pay per person if your guests are staying at one of the other Barcelo hotels. From my understanding, this only applies to people who are not staying an ANY of the Barcelo resorts (i.e. if they hop on over from the Secrets hotel for the day). Your WC should be able to answer that pretty straightforward. I have Claudia and she is sooooo helpful.
  7. Hi Everyone- Just heard from MyBarcelo photographers that the fee to NOT use them in 2012 has gone up to $500. Just wanted to tell everyone ASAP because it would definitely be cheaper to book your photog's for 2 nights in the Tropical or Beach sections as long as you book it very early.
  8. Hi All! Another question- my sister has three kids, who will be ages 6 months, 3.75 years, 6 years by the time we arrive. She is concerned the 3.75 year one will not be allowed in the kids club, which would break his heart as he follows his older brother around like a celebrity Has anyone had experience with younger kids getting into the kids club? Thanks! Valerie
  9. I've actually been kind of surprised at the amount of defending that I have to do regarding the DW. No one seems to understand that since my FH is from western Canada and I'm from NJ, one family will have to travel no matter what. I had a friend try to convince me not to have a DW, disregarding the fact that whether we had it in NYC or Mexico, my FH's family would have to travel no matter what. So it would still be a DW for them (and they will be at least half the wedding). We chose a DW in Mexico so if people had to travel, they could make it a true vacation. Plus our families barely know each other, so this would be a great way to get everyone together for more than just a day or two. Bottom line- the people we really care about will be there with full enthusiasm. The only downside is that will also miss some great friends too ;(
  10. Hi all! I'm trying to keep a budget, but it's so difficult planning for things that I can't anticipate (like how many people will ACTUALLY show up who swear they will Anyway, I also want to plan for tipping. There are a few threads under Etiquette, but in regard to the WC, I'd rather hear specifically from Barcelo brides. How much did you/do you plan on tipping the WC? How about hair and makeup if using an outside vendor? Photogs? Wait staff for the outdoor reception (strawberry package)? Thanks so much!
  11. I had two very good friends ask me who was in my wedding party, because they knew they were top contenders (I was in their weddings). They were very polite about it- they just wanted to know so they could start planning. I told them that I was keeping it small and let them who was in my party . I also told them how much they meaned to me, and that just their presense would be such an honor. Of course it helped that my bridal party is all family- my 3 sisters, and my future hubby's sister. I actually think they were relieved. DW's are expensive to attend and being in the bridal party is just an added expense (although I'm paying for the bridesmaid dresses, but they don't know that!).
  12. Meggers- Your pics are gorgeous! I also loved your bridal shoes, and was wondering who made them. Most people assume that I will go barefoot, but if I'm spending so much money on a dress, then I want to wear some heels! Do you have any advice regarding wearing heels? Was it weird to wear them on the sand? Thanks so much for sharing!
  13. This is a review of:

    Take It! Photo Studio

    Amazing photos, fun experience, awesome photographers!

    Pros: Artistic, Great style, Beautiful pics, Value, Fun, Professionalism,
    Cons: None
    In a nutshell: Lupe and Agustin are amazing photographers with great artistic flair.  Our wedding day and TTD photographs are absolutely stunning and I could not be happier with Take It!   Detailed Review:   We got married at the Barcelo Maya Palace in February.  I found Take It! from an online forum and their pictures truly stood out from the rest of the portfolio's we had seen.  Their pictures told a story and were very artistic.   Lupe and Agustin were extremely responsive a
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