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  1. What a great thread...so many great suggestions.
  2. I love the boarding pass STD. I saw one somewhere that was also used as a RSVP with the magnet detaching to keep.
  3. Congratulations! Your wedding was beautiful. I absolutely LOVE the blue flowers!!!
  4. Very nice. I love the cake topper...looks just like you guys
  5. What a cute idea. But with luggage fees and weight limitations you may have an issue trying to take them with you on the airplane.
  6. You can find the "box" or "tray" at Marshalls, Ross or some placeGarden Ridge. These are sitting in bath crystals...
  7. I hit reply too quick... If the bow is too much, since it's not the "wedding" invitation, it would be just fine with out anything else. Jut cut the top border to be equal in size to the other borders.
  8. I was thinking a flat bow would be nice. Here is a video instruction on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y58usgffLQ At the end of the video she shows show alternatives of how you can do the bows and how to place them. One option she shows has the bow in the corn at an angle with the ends tucked under the top card.
  9. Oooh I love the bright cheery colors of your OOT bags. And the ornaments are a cool idea! I know your guest loved them.
  10. I like the idea of handing out the OOT bags at the welcome reception. Great idea!
  11. Your bags turned out really nice. Your guest will love them. Where did you find the sample size of the mentos? I've never seen those before.
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