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  1. Congrats!!! I am getting married in Cabo Feb 2012. I am from Brooklyn, NY and we too are flying out from Newark. They recently changed my flight to a 1 stop in Houston but promised to change it back to a non stop if it becomes available. Unfortunately there is one flight a day, I believe... Also, from the last time I checked Newark is the only one offering nonstop to Cabo. Good Luck with everything!!! I'm going through the process myself but if you have any questions let me know, I'll be happy to help where I can!
  2. 3rd Time is the Charm A Love Story of Anna & Eugene We were both 16, when we met… Strike One: It was a hot July evening and the guy I was seeing invited me to go hang out with friends, it was a group of about 20 to 30 people. He left me behind when we got there and went to talk to his friends; I spotted a guy I knew talking to 2 other guys so I walked over. He introduced me to his friends and they were all named Eugene including the one I knew. So they gave me their nicknames; Dumin was my friend, Shumi was a new acquaintance and Kuchuk will be my future husband. We spoke for a while and then I noticed the guy I came with was nowhere to be found, so we decided to go for some pizza close by. We all talked for hours and Kuchuk made me laugh like no one ever did before, I thought he was cute but nothing happened from there, the time of my curfew was approaching so I went home. Strike Two: I lived in Staten Island and would often travel to Brooklyn for the weekends. A Sunday in October I went to hand out with a few friends before I went back home. We met up and I was told there is a house party we are going to and some kid with his girlfriend were picking us up and taking us there. I got into the car and automatically recognized Kuchuk as the driver. It seemed as though he recognized me as well because he asked me how I have been and told me it was a small world. We spoke here and there at the party when we bumped into each other. There was a spark every time, but he had a girlfriend and I wouldn’t go there. The night came to an end and I had to go back home. I thought about him the whole ride back and the weeks to follow but eventually my mind drifted to other area and he was a distant memory. Home Run: Before there was Facebook, we had a similar site called Whimit. Somewhere in late December, I logged on to my account and seen I have a friend request. I checked and saw his face and instantly had butterflies in my stomach! I accepted it immediately and posted a comment on him page (I am not the kind of girl who waits!) saying “I can’t believe you remember me after all this time!†Then I went to check his status and guess what, he was single! He relied to me the following day, at which point I was a nervous rack! His response “How can I forget your beautiful eyes.†Cheesy pick up line but what can you do we were 16 years old (well he was 17 already). We exchanged numbers and from there it went, we spoke on the phone for hours!!!! We discussed everything and anything. We hung out a few weekends in a row. Everything was great, my friends liked him and his friends liked me. Everyone got along. He asked me to be his girlfriend on Janurary 4, 2003 (which a few years later I saw looks like this… 01.04.03, take out the zeros = 143 = I love you! I was so corney!). We had a lot of down (we can write a series of books of our 9 years together, but I am sure we arent alone) but we made it through and our love stronger, he is my best friend! He Proposed on August 10th, the day after my 25th birthday at a spot by the ocean we go to on Sundays to have breakfast and talk. We are going down to city hall Janurary 4, 2012 to get legally married and save our date special date. However our wedding will be in Cabo on February 4, 2012. Us in August. Our First vacation together My 25th Birthday Party (which was 2 days after he proposed)
  3. This is a review of:

    Gonzalo Nunez Photography

    ONE OF A KIND Photographer and an AMAZING Person!!!!!

    Pros: Passionate, fun, artistic, creative, image shortyteller, million dollar shots for an affordable price!,
    Cons: Absolutely NONE! My husband has many complaints but not one was about Gonzalo because that's how great he was!
    AHonestly, Gonzalo deserves more stars then BDW is allowing me to give! He went way beyond our expectations!!!! Like most other brides, I have never been to a destination wedding let alone plan one. I was nervous about many things because talking to someone through emails is not always sufficient. Will he be like you imagine? Will he take pictures that I will love for a lifetime? Will he work well with my family (and trust me when I say that it was a concern with my family lol)? There are so
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