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  1. Hi ladies! My date is 0ct 19, so finally getting closer. We are doing the ceremony and cocktail hour on the beach and reception poolside..any advice on shoes? I wanted a pair of badgley mischka heels forgo walk down the aisle and for the reception. We are planning to kick off our shoes n go barefoot for the actual ceremony. And I was going to get wedge flip flops as back up. But any advice on if you can actually walk down the aisle at the beach in heels? I'm worried about the wood planks and sand. Any advice would be great! Thanks!!
  2. Hi ladies. We are planning to fly our DJ down and rent an amp. Has anyone else done that, that could tell me if it's loud enough and if you need additional speakers with that? We are planning to bring down mini Bose speakers for the beach BBQ the night before and the cocktail hour and use the amp for the reception. Also we have a lot of family in Europe who will not be able to travel to the wedding. Has anyone had the hotel set up skype on the beach or done it themselves so family who could not attend can still see the ceremony? I know it's an option on the Sky Terrace but not sure for beach. Thanks!!
  3. Quote:Originally Posted by Mnd3A Hi everyone! Just checking in - 80 days to go! Any other May Azul Sensatori brides? We have 94 guests! We are shocked with the number of people that are booked and ready to go. Hope everyone's plans are going well... Amanda We are expecting around 75 and we think we may have more. So glad to hear about one that size. Everyone there keeps seeming shocked when we say 75 even!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by jsal4 My wedding is October 12, 2012. Coordinating travel is very hard. I did it for my sister's wedding about 2 years ago, but for 16 poeple. We are expecting 50-75 people, so that's why I am using a travel agent. Some guests have had lots of questions about the traveling and I have been researching and updateing my website to share with the other guests. Take a look at my website, under Travel Arrangements (www.weddingwire.com/kurtandjosephine). Hopefully this helps you out! I have been working with a wedding coordinator that works directly with Azul Sensatori but is located in Miami. They assigned her to me when I booked my wedding. I am actually almost done planning everything with the hotel for now. I have ordered flowers, sheers, sound system (no dj for us), made my spa appointments, reserved the location of the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception and booked my photographer today (I decided to go with an outside vendor, Ivan Luckie....his work looks amazing and worth the extra money). All I have left is ordering the food, which I can't do until I have a head count on the number of guests attending. Also, I am bringing my own decorations and they advised that their is a charge that must be paid in cash on the day of the wedding, when I asked how much she advised no more than $5 per guest. It didn't really make sense to me but I feel like it will still be cheaper than getting all the decorations from them. Thank you sooo soo much for the info!!! We are getting married on the 19th of Oct. we booked Ivan Luckie as well. Have you met him? We did durring our site visit. He is fantastic! Great choice going with him! Really great guy! And yes - amazing work!! We are thinking about bringing our own DJ down. What did they charge you dor the sound system? Thanks for the info on the room bookings - so did you figure out rates with the person in miama and then loop in your travel agent? We got to the point of disucssing rates - so want to make sure we can still bring in a TA. Thanks!!!
  5. Ours is actually just direclt with the hotel for rooms.. not even counting flights... hmmm... If you do book rooms via a travel agent do you still get the free room for your stay via the free BG package? We are just getting started on the travel portion of details so I really appreciate everyone's advice!
  6. what did they charge you for set up of bringing your own materials? just curious as we were going to bring some items but they have not quoted us the fee. Also, did oyu need more than the amp in regards to speakers for the reception music or were you ok with just that. We are flying in our DJ and figuring out what equipment he will be able to bring vs. rent. Thanks!
  7. Hi Ladies - just a question. We are having our wedding there in Oct of 2012. We recently did our site visit and can't wait! The hotel is amazing and the staff was great! Quick question.. we are trying to lock in rates for our guest rooms and they told us we had to put down a deposit of 150 per room to lock in the rate. This seems a bit odd to me and I asked around to some friends who also did destination weddings and this was not required of them. Did anyone else run into this with the hotel and if so does that 150 then get credited towards your wedding as people book or does that get refunded or do you just have to pay for part of every guests room? They haven't been clear when getting back to us and I haven't heard anyone else mention this - so not really sure. Any insight would be awesome! Thanks!
  8. My fiance and I are planning our wedding at the Azul Sensatori. The location is amazing and we can't wait. Unfortunately, when we went to set the rates for our guests rooms though they told us to lock in any rates, we have to put a $150per room deposit down to hold the price for our guests. This is nothing I have ever heard of and I have asked some friends who also did destination weddings and they said they did not have to do this either. Any advice or opinions of anyone who has encountered this in the past?
  9. We just put down a deposit for Oct 19 2012! We are doing our site visit the end of Jan. So glad everyone has such fantastic things to say about AS! Can't wait to check it out!
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