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  1. Beautiful stuff! I would love to network with you for brides. I am a wedding Photographer here on The Big Island and we accommodate all the islands for weddings. I would love to network with you and we can share links on our websites to help reach more people. Please check out my sites and see what you think. We specialize in Weddings, Portraits and Design. Joanna McKinley http://mckinleyphotography.org 808-333-5112
  2. Kona is an absolutely amazing place if you go to the right locations. The resorts are beautiful and the beaches can be breathtaking. I am more partial to the Hilo side since that is where I am from. I love the Liliuokalani Park and Gardens, that is a beautiful place to have a wedding and can yield some amazing photographs. There is also the famous black sand beach down here in Puna and that can be an amazing place to get married as well. I run McKinley Photography over here on The Big Island and I can help you plan the entire thing and give you amazing photographs as well. We can accommodate the entire chain of Islands so if you decide to get married on Maui (VERY popular) we can go there as well. Joanna McKinley http://mckinleyphotography.org 808-333-5112
  3. The Big Island is a wonderful place to get married. There are several beautiful beaches as well as resorts for you to choose from. There are also many local musicians that will play classic Hawaiian drums for you and everything in between. I am the chief photographer for McKinley Photography here in Hawaii as well on the Big Island. We do everything from design and mail out your invitations to helping you choose all the vendors for your special day. Please let us know if you would like us to help you figure out what to do so you can be ready when you get married. Joanna McKinley http://mckinleyphotography.org 808-333-5112
  4. Hello all the beautiful brides out there looking to get married on The Big Island of Hawaii. This island is full of culture and the very meaning of Aloha. Friendly and diverse this island will have everything you need to enjoy your story book island wedding. My name is Joanna McKinley and I am the chief Photographer for McKinley Photography here on The Big Island. We take care to make sure our brides feel as little stress as possible. We will help every step of the way from finding a venue, designing and mailing out the invitations and even helping to find all the other vendors necessary to plan your dream island wedding. We have packages that accommodate the small to the large weddings and even provide a DVD of your special day for FREE. Please take the time to look through our website and Facebook and get to know us and we will be there when you are ready to answer any questions you may have. Mahalo and E'Komo Mai. McKinley Photography http://mckinleyphotography.org http://facebook.com/mckinleyphotographyhawaii 808-333-5112
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